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First of all, thanks for all the comments and shares of the post! Surprised to receive so many comments. Reading them all with a open mind and laughing at some of the candid comments.


From this I learnt that perspective is important, and many people can have different understanding when reading the same sentence.

Apologies for not phrasing it more clearly. I do not really buy clothes and toys monthly ,

but kind of mean that my money is used to cover all the miscellaneous stuff for the household. But of course as mummies sometimes I do splurge a bit here and there on myself and the kids, but definitely not every month. I’m also the kind who gives no qualms about spending money like on snacks and food for family and friends, this is my way of expressing my love to them. But moving forward I will be more mindful of my spendings.

I do admit we eat out quite often especially on the weekends. Will try to cut down on this. And groceries definitely sometimes cost quite a bit with the snacks for the whole family.


Definitely not showing off here ah but genuinely wanted to hear from others. The combined income allowed us to live comfortably, but I was curious to know if there are free good advices since Singaporeans are supposed to be good at saving up , so that I can tap on as a good reminder to improve on myself. Sorry I do not trust financial advisors at all hence I will never approach them with my finances. The monthly savings plan from insurance agent is actually a good example of my regrets, it has very low returns, but I’m locked for another good 10 more years.

I like to use the credit card because it has cash rebates, and I treat it as form of payment only. I don’t have any problem paying the bills monthly and I always pay them on time. But I do agree sometimes it is easy to overspend with credit card. One of the comments mentioned 6 jars financial management system, which I didn’t hear before. Thank you so much for that!

My $100 monthly is for term life insurance, excluding the hospitalisation insurance. For me I think it’s good enough. There is insurance from the company that I’m working in too.

I know the $1400 for parents seems a bit too much with the amount I’m taking home. I have a younger brother but he earns much lesser and has his number own family to feed. My parents are near 70s already with very little cpf and they prefer cash. I don’t mind forking out this money because I rather give them and make them happy while they are still around. What is the point of burning money to them only when they are gone. I wish they will live long until 90s and I will be able to be a filial kid to them as long as possible. This is possible with my husband’s support and he don’t mind too. I know this sounds irrational to some of you, but this is my way of showing my love back for my parent.

I particularly like the comment “what you spent is yours, anything else is not yours because the moment you’re gone, they become others”. Of course I feel in life we should strike a balance , not overly stingy on oneself and also not overly spendthrift so that one have nothing to fall back on. There was also a comment on health is the most important asset which I totally agree. And thanks to the comment saying 40 years old should have at least $300k and another comment with the screenshot of the retirement sum amount required.


I hoped the advices in the post were also able to help others, whether you have more or less money than me. I will continue to improve on myself , work hard to earn more money and spend more wisely.

I believe that good attitude and positive mindset will attract good energies. I wish everyone a good life and may all of you be blessed with happiness and good health always.

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