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I found out that my husband and his ex gf shared a bed together


I’m livid. I feel sick. I feel so betrayed.

It all begun last year. It’s a long story but I(30F) let my husband (35M) stayed at his ex gf (33F) apartment.

They were childhood friends before they started dating. When I met her a couple of years ago, I thought she’s really nice. People describe her as the nicest person, a good friend and has a good sense of humor. They say she’s very honest and incapable of lying. Needless to say, we eventually became friends and trusted her with all my heart.

Last year, I had to go on a business trip for a few months. My husband (fiance at that time) share an apartment but since I’m working overseas for a couple of months, we decided to have him stay at his parents until I’m back.


Weeks after I left, my husband, Sam (not his true name) called me asking me if he could stay with Rebecca (his ex, not her true name) as she’s desperately looking for a roommate but can’t find any. At that point, all I said was, “But aren’t we trying to save money?”. He told me Rebecca isn’t looking for a roommate because of the rent. She just don’t want to be alone in her apartment. I honestly haven’t thought that it’s weird because they were ex lovers but somehow it made me a little uncomfortable. She lives in a 1-br apartment. Like, where is he going to sleep? He explained she has a couch etc. I told him that it’s fine with me. I trust both of them but I only have one condition: They will never share a bed. He laugh and said “Of course babe”.

The entire time Sam stayed at Rebecca’s, they never really made me feel I couldn’t trust them. They would video call me, we’d play games online etc. it was fun. Rebecca would also call me sometimes just to chat. We talk about make up, her tinder date encounters, and some other stuff that doesn’t involve my husband.

One night I was feeling homesick and called Sam but he wouldn’t respond so I called Rebecca. She answered the call. The minute she picked up I could hear another person in the background that sounded like they just woke up. I can’t tell if it’s Sam but it’s a guy. Rebecca put me on hold for a bit. I honestly felt something is off that time but decided to brush it off. I asked her where Sam is, and she said he’s sleeping. I asked her where and she said on the couch. I was like, okay… we ended up talking instead. I felt better and almost forgot about it.

Fast forward to last week, Sam and I met up with his friends, including Rebecca, for a Christmas party. Everyone is having fun, getting drunk, then suddenly Rebecca asked me how I’m able to sleep when my husband snores too loud. And before I can answer, Sam said “wow, at least I don’t sleep weird.” Then he showed everyone a photo of her on the bed in weird sleeping position. What bothers me is in the photo, you can tell someone laid next to her… Blanket was a mess and there’s a shirt on the bedside table. A shirt I recognized…

I was shocked and left the party without saying anything. I went to my parents and stayed there til Christmas. My husband and Rebecca were calling me non-stop asking where I am. I am lucky my parents didnt tell them I was with them. They also didnt ask me what happened.


I didn’t talk to anyone what happened until Christmas. I asked my husband and Rebecca to go to my parents. That’s when I asked them to tell me the truth. At first they deny that they slept in one bed the entire time, but eventually they admit they did but nothing happened.

I was so mad. I’ve never been so mad my entire life. I feel so betrayed. I threw the gifts I bought for them on their face and asked them to leave.

Until now I’m not talking to them. My mom said I should talk to them and let them explain but I dont think it’ll change anything. I don’t think I can trust those motherfuckers again.

I dont know what to do at this point. You know what’s worse? I might be pregnant. I’m delayed which never happened before. I have so much on my plate right now. FML.

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