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TikTok user @nopenotsyaf, who previously posted a video on TikTok criticising a Grab driver for not going up to the 3rd floor to pick her up because she’s “on crutches”, has since drawn the ire of netizens for her perceived self-entitlement.


In her video, she said that the driver charged her extra to pick her up from the 3rd floor instead of the 1st floor because she said that she was injured and on crutches.

She also added that she complained about the driver to Grab, resulting in the driver being suspended for 72 hours and not being able to work.

@nopenotsyaf just a psa #grab #gojek ♬ original sound – bowl of ramen

Driver’s response

Criticised by netizen(s)

This situation.. Shake my head… Don’t ask me why, I am abit triggered by this issue.

First and foremost, she mentioned that she has escalated the issue to Grab, so why does she even need to do up a video like this? I myself have had my fair share of countless rude drivers which I decided to highlight to customer service because I felt that it was too much. Others, I just move on. I’m sure all of us has experienced a bad ride before no matter how polite we try to be.


In this situation, just saying.. You’re on crutches but your destination seem to imply you’re going to be out at Boat Quay which obviously will require some walking. Maybe I won’t drag this point further, but people will immediately think “Happy2 around Boat Quay can but go to Level 1 cannot?” even if you’re going for a formal meeting or whatever. So, your office lobby will be wet but Boat Quay will be safe and dry for you in crutches? Contradiction here.

And you claim the grab uncle is rude in his messages? How is this rude? You can type out “I am on crutches, please come up to level 3 carpark as I cannot come down” – no sorry for inconvenience, no thank you – granted you said please, but your tone can also be construed as rude. In my opinion, his tone on the other hand is just how normal mandarin speaking uncle talk without intentionally being rude. The uncle is obviously on the road driving and texting at the same time. Common sense.

Finally, for every situation, there is a choice of grab service to choose from. If I am bringing a pet, even if my pet is a hamster or an ant or a cockroach, I will book for GrabPet. If I have a child that needs child seats below the age of 7, I book a GrabFamily. And even if you do not want to book GrabAssist for yourself because you’re on crutches and not a wheelchair, at least figure out if your needs (for the driver to go up the carpark to pick you up) will require additional charges. In your case, the Grab uncle is entitled to claim extra charges from you because I believe this falls under Grab’s terms of “Beyond the original booking”. Some terms are vague for unforeseeable circumstances such as this.

Sure it is their job to provide you a good service, but nothing is free in this world. Additional service, will require additional payment. You ask for extra sambal for Nasi Lemak, shop also will charge you extra 50 cents for it. You ask to pack and go, they can also charge you extra 20 to 50 cents. Grab drivers have the right to demand for compensation for extra requirements in their jobs. It’s unfortunate that people like you still exist causing people to be uncomfortable asking for payments they deserve.

At the end of the day, whatever we do as a Muslimah, Akhlaq is important. You may think you are right, but in this case, you are sadly mistaken. Do accept that there will always be room for improvement in the way we think. The mistake lies in not attempting to understand another party’s point of view or (in this case) the Grab uncle’s plight.

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