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Divorce home ordeal


I will share my 6 year ordeal about my divorce, court order and board with you. Below is a timeline of the events:


1) Marriage was dissolved in 2017.

2) Court granted an order for Ex-husband to take over the matrimonial flat bearing all costs and expenses within 6 months of marriage dissolution

3) My children and I were allowed to reside in the above property until then.


4) Meanwhile, I purchased and fully paid for another board flat.

Board allowed me to purchase the resale flat even though ex-husband had not taken any steps to transfer matrimonial property to his name.

During this transaction, as I needed my CPF, I asked my solicitor to write to ex-husband and his solicitor, and board on the overdue of transfer of property which was already 7 months.

There was no response or action by the board or ex-husband’s solicitor.

2018 – 2021

6) For the next 7 years I visited the board Branch office to speak to the officer to send reminders to ex-husband to carry out the transfer. The board officer informed me that ex-husband had requested for more time. I asked if there was anything I could do, but the officer told me that the house is under bank mortgage paid by him and there was nothing I could do. They asked me to wait.


7) Meanwhile, I called the bank mortgage manager to enquire if the loan can be discharged from my name or transferred and again, I was told that ex-husband was paying monthly mortgage payments and there was nothing I could do.

I approached the family court for advice and was told to engage a solicitor to reopen the case.

9) When I approached a solicitor, I was quoted a legal fee of $20,000 to reopen the case. Being a single mother of school-going children I could not afford the fee.

Since 2017, every few months I have been emailing board to pursue the transfer for the past 6 years. Every time I was replied that they had spoken to him and he needed more time. The court order of 6 months was extended and has become 6 years due to board allowing him to delay his action for transfer and yet not finalized.

2022 – 2023

10) On Oct 2022, I received a ‘repossession’ notice from the board for the matrimonial flat.

11) I enquired with the board on what I had to do and they asked me to speak to him to settle this issue. However, he refused to speak to me.

12) Ex-husband once again requested the board for more time and the request was acceded.

13) When I asked the board officer what I could do to speed up the process, she asked me to send an enforcement letter through a solicitor in October 2022 for which I paid $1000.

14) On receiving the notice, ex-husband once again requested for more time and was once again granted by the board.

Finally in June 2023, ex-husband engaged a solicitor to start the process, but had within a few days asked the board to cancel it.


Once again, ex-husband started the process in July 2023. The board officer wrote to me saying that since I delayed the transfer, I did not qualify for the board solicitor. She mentioned that he had his own solicitor and I had to get my own.

On enquiring, I was told that a conveyance lawyer could cost between $1500- $3000. I was asked to pay for the delay of transfer which was not my fault as I did my best and was on my toes with the transfer while he was the delaying party with board for the last 6 years.

I pointed out to board and ex-husband’s lawyer that the court ordered him to bear all costs of the transfer, including paying for the solicitor acting on my behalf for this transfer. When the board officer reminded ex-husband on this clause, ex-husband has once again asked for more time, which has been granted without a deadline by board. I am wondering why the board office has not put her foot down to say that he has been given enough time and not delay further.

This whole issue has caused me undue stress and I have decided to get a solicitor to represent me at my own cost to end it. But surprising after my solicitor wrote in representing me the board officer wrote to me to chase my ex husband to get the loan for the transfer. I wonder why did they ask to engage a lawyer when has not even got a loan. I also wonder why HDB is asking me to chase him when we are divorced and obviously he does not listen to me. But it looks like it is not going to end soon as board has granted ex-spouse more time. I am surprised that court orders can be ignored by a board.

This whole ordeal has now directly impacted me. My son and I have been planning for and been offered higher education overseas. We have made all arrangements to leave in August 2023.

I had intended to rent out my whole personal flat to finance our stay and expenses overseas. However, to my dismay my application to rent out my flat was declined by the board because of this issue. When enquired, the board officer informed me that I have to appeal to rent my flat out because of my matrimonial flat.

Why am I treated like a



Political detainee,


When I have not done anything wrong. My cpf money is stuck in the matrimonial house.

My ex can sit in a board house that is still under loan and be given all the time.

But I have to appeal for my flat to be rented out which is fully paid by me.

And the board allowed me to buy the house.

I am running out time and options. I need help to resolve this before I leave. This whole ordeal made me lose faith in the system.

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