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A Facebook user, Phong Enyi Magdalene, shared how she visited a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch at West Mall.


She had ordered a breakfast meal based on an advertisement that she saw on a board, and allegedly received a totally different order.

She complained that the toasted bread was “as hard as a rock”, and that their wrap was replaced with bread because there was no more wrap.

She also claimed that she didn’t receive her hashbrowns and that the outlet had allegedly also refused to give them a refund.

Here is what she said (SIC)

“Horrible west mall coffee bean branch.


Misleading pictures. Showed a big nice cup of latte but look at what came. When asked, the person said it’s not their decision to give us this paper cup drink. While other people who dined in all received in their glass cup. But we were given small disposable cup that looked very different in comparison to the picture.

The whole meal was replaced with another meal. one set of overly toasted bread that’s as hard as a rock and another set of bread that’s not toasted at all.

When we ordered; what was communicated was there’s no more wrap. So they will replace with bread. In the end; what came back was bread, scrambled eggs and ham but no Hash brown!

When we asked, they said they told us that they are replacing the whole meal but this was definitely not what was said!

We waited for more than 20 mins for this and end up all the issues and now we need to wait further for them to redo the bread. They declined our request to do a refund.


Oh and coffee bean page doesn’t allow people to do review.

Try to dine in at other places that’s more honest with their advertisement.”

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May be an image of food and text that says "MONDAY TO FRIDAY MIDNIGHT TO 1AM MORNINGS YOUR LOVE $11.90 $7.90 FOR 2 SETS FOR1 SET OAT MILK LATTE ノ Hot 8oz Iced 10oz PASSION COFFEE SINCE 1963 PASSION COFFEE &TEA SINCE 1963 BREAKFAST TORTILLA) Turkey Ham, Omelette, Cheese & Sriracha Mayo illustration purposes from Mondayto Friday, Not: stackable with (Terminal Top-up charges apply for upgrade change of beverages. Promotion is stocks vailable and/ eve Public Holidays. Beanstro Marina Bay Sands. available tores| Changi Airport"
May be an image of drink, indoor and text that says "EST MAL BEAN TEA LEAF Batok Central Link Singapore 658713 6861 7789 INCLUSIVE OF GST 19-9605163-K ç ( sya"
May be an image of text that says "WES COFFEE BEAN MAL LEAF Bukit Batok #01-09 Singapore 658713 Te1: 6861 7789 ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF GST GST Reg No: 19-9605163-K 09/06/2022 10:17 Descriptions GA6331 Amount 2 BF Promo Brek Day 10.90 Add Extra Shot 10.90 2 HOT OAT LT 1.00 1.00 0.00 TOTAL DINEIN XXXXxxxxxxxx/09 SIVE OF GST 11.90 0.78 ount Balance ---- kes are to be kept within hour of nd to be consumed thin 2 days. advised that the food ges prepared here may traces of nutshel1 allergens such as nuts, seeds and wheat. Thank you! ton Ends at: 11:17 POS:T001 Shf :202206091"

Source: Phong Enyi Magdalene on Facebook

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