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A Foodpanda rider shared his experience with an unruly customer on Facebook.

The rider, Bryen Yap, is also the owner of the restaurant that received the order from the woman.

Here is his story

“First time order, 25th October, she cancelled the order 28 hours later…

28 hours later.. then she realized.. she haven’t eaten the food that was sent to her.

Claim food never send to her house… 28 hours later… Then She realize she hasn’t eaten her dinner yesterday.

A few days later, she ordered again.

Received order for his own outlet

Guess what. I was the Panda rider that picked up the order. I just happened to be SENDING panda.. and I received this pick-up order for my own outlet…

She never picked up her phone, so I cannot get thru the gate or lift lobby. But guess what…I got lobby access… And gate access.

I purposely knocked on the door and called her again.

This time she picked up and I told her that I am outside the flat already.

She didn’t set it as contactless so she had no choice but to ask me to hang the food at the door.

I waited for 10mins and took a video as proof, but she still didn’t come out.

I still went next door and said “hi” to her neighbours before leaving the place.

I was surprised she didn’t complain about the food never arriving the next day or the day after…

Ordered again

21 November, she ordered again when I wasn’t around.

She had placed a pre-order which my employees can see in blue.

Pre-order came in at 21.06 pm. . I repeat. Preorder.. to be delivered at LATER Timing… 21.46 pm… My employees remembered her name when the order came out…

So they rushed out her food… At 21.48 pm, the food was prepared out.. in 2mins.

At 21.49 pm, the order was cancelled because she waited too long…She chose the pre-order to be sent at a later time…And she cancelled…Because it was sent at a later time?

Miss *name withheld* If your character is like this, then don’t order food on Foodpanda, or don’t order from this outlet.

This outlet doesn’t want to do your business – you order 1 more time, they are going to give you an empty box.

For each order u cancel, they write in and are only paid 30% of their fees and it totally sucks when we have customers like you.

This FB post is going to be printed at pasted on your House Door tomorrow.

The ultimate plot twist

Guess what, I have your gate access, it is linked to my phone. I also have your lift lobby access key, I even have your house key..

If you are not happy about it… You can move out of the house end of this month.

Because the person who cooks your food, the person who sent your food and the person who owns the place you currently live in-

Is your landlord.”

Images source: Bryen Yap on Facebook

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