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In a recent online post, a customer detailed a disconcerting experience at *name redacted*, a beauty facial clinic that allegedly led to a skin reaction and subsequent disputes over a signed package. The customer, who remains anonymous, shared their encounter with the clinic in a cautionary tale for potential clients.


According to the customer, they visited *name redacted* for a trial facial treatment advertised at $68 for two sessions. Upon arrival, they were ushered into a small room by a consultant who suggested an additional calming facial due to the customer’s sensitive skin. The customer claims to have been persuaded into adding an extra calming facial for $98, bringing the total cost to $166 for the trial.

Signed a $3k Package

Post-facial treatment, the customer engaged with the consultant once more, who reportedly engaged in persistent efforts to sell them a skincare package. The customer, expressing insecurity about their skin condition, eventually succumbed to the consultant’s persuasion, signing up for a package valued at over $3,000.

On January 22, 2024, the customer reported heightened skin irritation, including itching and a burning tingling sensation. Concerned about a potential adverse reaction to the facial, the customer contacted the clinic, hoping for assistance and a possible refund. Allegedly, the clinic advised the customer to return for another calming facial to address the skin reaction, a proposal deemed unreasonable by the customer.

Negotiations between the customer and the clinic reportedly spanned several days, with the customer expressing dissatisfaction over the clinic’s proposed resolution. The clinic, citing their policy, offered a partial refund of 70% of the package cost but refused to refund purchased skincare products due to sanitary reasons.


As of January 30, the customer claims their skin continues to experience discomfort, and they feel unfairly treated by the clinic. The customer alleges that the clinic shifted responsibility to their skin condition and failed to provide a comprehensive explanation of the terms and conditions during the package signing process.

What The Netizen said

On 20 Jan 2024, I went to this beauty facial clinic *name redacted*, for a trial facial treatment which was promoted as $68 for 2 sessions. Upon arrival, I was brought into a small room with a consultant. She told me that I should get another calming facial on top of the facial treatment which I wanted to do as I have sensitive skin. I was told that both facials have no down time. I was persuaded into topping up more money to get another extra calming facial, which cost $98. (Total I paid $166 for trial)

After the facial treatment I was brought into the small room again with the consultant, who then tried to sell me their package. She was persuading me non-stop, telling me that she used to have the same skin problem as me, told me I can pay via instalment with the bank with 0% interest etc. As a girl who is insecure with her skin condition, I eventually gave in and signed a $3k+ package with them.

On 22 Jan 2024, afternoon, my skin starts to itch even more and parts of my face even has the burning tingling sensation.

At this point, I know I’m starting to develop skin reaction from the facial. I was truly scared and disappointed. I called the clinic for help and hopefully a refund for my package, because obviously my skin seems to be reacting to their products.


Unfortunately, they told me to return to their clinic for another calming facial to sooth my skin. Which is ridiculous to me. How can I trust their clinic again after what happened to my skin? I felt that it was really injustice as I have good reasons to get a refund, but they insist that no other customer experience what I experienced before.

We negotiated for 2-3 days, there is still no answers from them. The consultant told me they will bring this up to their management and get back to me. I requested for their management’s number to call them, but they say they do not have a management’s number and told me that even they as employees use email to contact their management. (How ridiculous?)

As of 30 Jan, they called me and told me they can only follow their policy by refunding me 70% of the package and they cant refund me the bottles of serum I bought (4 of which were unopened) due to sanitary reasons. Up till now, my skin is still itchy and red.

I thought it was really unfair for me as a consumer as the clinic is trying to push the responsibility to my skin condition and refuse to fully refund the package money despite immediately informing them about my skin condition and I haven’t start any of the package session yet. Furthermore, they did not go through any of their terms and conditions with me.Due to this matter, I went to search up on google review and realised that many other people are experiencing hard selling and bad experience as I did too.

Please do a lot a lot of research for your facial treatments. Do not go to *name redacted*. Wait for a few days to monitor your skin before signing any packages. Say no to hard-selling, just run!!

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