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Some thoughts I have for women who seek to maintain a blissful marriage:


1. Don’t make your husband your whole world, instead, create your own world and invite him in only occasionally to enjoy it together. In other words, don’t be an open book else men can get bored with you easily. Keep making many friends, do not avoid male friends just to please your husband, it doesn’t do your marriage or career any good.

2. Build your own career, I have seen many wealthy families gone bankrupt in just a blink of eye, so do not seek to marry into a wealthy family as money should not be the reason you marry a man. Normally, the wealthier a man gets, the more likely he is going to stray. I had been advised by my very own cousin who married into a very wealthy family but the husband was] ridiculously promiscuous. This idiotic man even tried to touch my face in front of my other family members at a family event. I immediately pushed his hand away because I did not wish to be touched. Keeping my cousin’s advice at heart, I did not rush into marriage, and even after I got married, I remind my husband every now and then that if I find out that he stray, I will not hesitate to use my scissors and make him cry for mercy. Of course, that is only if he dares to betray me. Otherwise, all is well. He happy, I happy, everyone happy.

3. For those seeking to have children, in my personal opinion, avoid natural birth at all cost! Despite what the gynae or other women friends or family members might tell you about how it can be a less risky or more satisfying birth process, be aware that there is a high chance that natural birth can completely destroy your marriage. I have seen many happy couples broke up a dfew years after the wives gave birth naturally (1 or 2 kids mostly), and most of it were because the men strayed because the wives could no longer satisfy them as before. Who to blame? (Can you blame the guy? Or you blame the lady? You just do not know who to blame, so please make wise choices) I am not a gynae and will not be responsible for your choice, but please think about it and make the most right decision for yourselves.

4. As far as I want to avoid mentioning this, some guys can really be idiotic (or act idiotic) sometimes, and it’s not that they are stupid. Their brains are just wired differently, sometimes they speak without thinking about the causes, circumstances, or consequences. For example, when I was in my previous jobs, I was harrassed by a security guard who kept asking me to go to his house for a massage. I got so terrified at the invitation that I developed phobia and avoided going to work, and eventually decided to just quit the job entirely for my safety. I then took on another job, and guess what, the cycle repeated itself. Just into my second day of work, a colleague kept staring at me and then commented to his other colleague that he’s looking for a wife and asked whether I was already married. The conversation got so wrong, and I was being watched creepily by this male co-worker that I decided to quit that job the very next day.


5. After these two incidences, I found another job but similarly quit after a co-worker told me in my face that he is not happy in his marriage. I didn’t choose to stay in these jobs because I really had no idea what these people will do to me or how they will treat me after I refused their advances. Each of the experience feels terrifying because you’ll feel that the work environment is just not safe for you. If you do not give in, you may be verbally or emotionally attacked at work.

Can the government please do something to keep women safe at work? More can be done to protect women at workplace and keep us safe.

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