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Saturday, December 10, 2022


Hello all, I am just finding a place to vent as I cannot stand my sister’s actions anymore. This is a rant so it will be negative. You have been warned.


I really can’t stand how my sister doesn’t practice what she preaches.

1. We have 2 toilets in the house, 1 in the master bedroom and 1 in the kitchen. My sister and I usually use the master toilet. Whenever my sister wants to use the toilet to bathe, she would tell me not to use it at least half an hour before (regardless of big or small business) and I would comply and use the kitchen toilet. However, whenever I tell her I intend to use the toilet to bathe in 20 mins, she still goes ahead to use it to do her big business. I am disappointed and confused as to why she used it while knowing that it would stink and I would have to wait even longer to use it. When I confront her about it, she told me I couldn’t possibly expect her to wait for 20 mins when she wants to shit. But why couldn’t she have used the kitchen toilet? and why does she expect me to hold in my business/ use the kitchen toilet when she wants to use the master toilet but doesn’t do the same for me? She basically expects people to give in to her whenever she wants to use the toilet, but doesn’t give in to others.

2. To make things worse, whenever she uses the toilet, somehow the flap ends up being very dirty and it’s disgusting. I always end up having to use wet wipes to clean it before use. Whenever I tell her to clean up after herself, she always denies that the mess is because of her. And when I realise she clogged the toilet, she doesn’t want to unclog it as it is “dirty”. Talk about responsibility.

3. We both still stay with our parents. We share the same bed but the room is my sister’s. Sometimes when we go to sleep around the same time, I ask her to stop using her phone as the light from it prevents me from sleeping. However, most of the time, she just ignores me and continues using her phone, knowing fully well that it prevents me from falling asleep. For cases where it’s urgent, I can understand. But honestly, most cases there is nothing urgent and the texting can actually wait till tomorrow. And she could actually go out of the room if she wants to continue using her phone, except she doesn’t want to.


There are many issues, but all of it seem to stem from a lack of respect for others, or a form of narcissism. You might say I should talk to her about it, and I have. Many times. It just fell mostly on deaf ears. After I realised she has absolutely no intention to change, I decided the only way for me to have peace was to just shift my energy away from all of these. Basically just try not to react whenever these happen. It has mostly worked but there are days like today where it feels especially difficult. It is somewhat comforting to think that I just have to tolerate a few more years before I move out. But yet, sometimes a few more years seems a long way away.

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