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Woman thought she met “the one” but end up was cheated of her life savings

scamDuring the weekend I opened the message unlike the usual messages from other suitor, Douglas was different in the sense he wrote a lot of himself. He told me he was 42 which was just a few older than me that he was from New York City but currently stationed in Singapore.


He told me that his Singaporean wife met with a car accident and passed way three years ago and he was still staying in Singapore for the sake of 10 year old son.

I was instantly attracted as that he was a ‘family man’ as I have kids myself being able to identify being a single parent.


Douglas was friendly and chatty and I felt the “connection” after so long being single.

He attached his photos. Tall, lean and tanned he was suave, and with the photo that included his son.



I didn’t wanted to appeared too desperate but deep in my heart I was delighted so a few days later I replied it will be to start off as friends and see where it will lead to.


Douglas instantly replied and saying he was glad that I replied and we exchanged number.

After a few days of chatting he called to ask me out for coffee, his voice was charming with an American accent but due to our schedule clashed we decided to meet another day.


The following night we chatting for an hour about life station, our children and jobs. He told me that he was business development regional manager for a trading company.


We didn’t get to meet as always at the last minute he would cancel on me due to various reasons. I didn’t ask him out as I didn’t wanted to seem as desperate. Still then I didn’t suspect anything as our conversation was enjoyable and refreshing. It’s like after so long I would trust a guy in so many years.



One day Douglas drop a bomb on me telling me that he would be away for 3 months as he needed to get a contract done and up with at Spain. My heart sank as I felt the connection between us, but I remained collected about it.


The moment he landed at the Spain he called me and we would called each other every night while he was overseas. I suggested using skype, but he claim he how bad he was with technology.


The following day when he told me his suitcase was stolen, all his valuables was in it his laptop wallet and he sound very stress. He had make a police report and informed his but it will take more than 5 working days before his replacement cards arrived.


On of that he was supposed to pay a vendor a sum of money to get the contract done with but without his cards or cheque book he couldn’t access it.

He then requested to lend from me a five-figure amount, I was wary of it but due to my concerned for him I agreed. Douglas suggested I wired the money over to the account of his vendor. I had to approach one of my besties and told her not ask why promising her to pay back in a week.

After wiring the money over, that was the last time I heard from him. His phone line was cancel and he deleted his email account and I realised the pictures he sent me was someone else.

All my close friends rally around me but they all ask me the same question “how could some like who is successful in career and smart fall into this trap.

I guess all I wanted was companionship after all this years of being alone and having a hectic schedule it was like my prayers have been answered. I hope by sharing this story I won’t let history to repeat itself on other woman who are seeking for love online.

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