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Facebook user Sindhu RK Johnson, shared how she was with her son at Swensen’s for lunch where she experienced poor service from the server.


However, she later found out that the diner employs staff members who are youths with high functioning autism from the APSN, and apologised.

Here is what she said

PS : Please read till the end

My heart broke a little yesterday..

It was half day for my son n the nearest Child friendly restaurant/cafe was Swensen’s as such we went to Clementi Mall Swensen’s for lunch.


So when a table was ready, a waitress called us both in.. not ushered in but hand gestured like u know how u call a cat n pointed us to the table at the corner.

So we went, the table was wet.. like how the water condensation from the drinks were smeared across the table.. not dirty. So i gestured to a waitress to wipe it as my son is starting to play on the table with his cars.. to which the waitress went like “Dirty ?”.. n literally bend down to the surface of the table to look n than looked at me in a judgmental way n went to get a soaking wet towel to make it even worst..

At this point.. i just took my own tissue n wet wipe to clean the table. Following that i try gesturing a few time to the servers just standing ard and they weren’t busy. Couldn’t get any1 n i didn’t leave my seat because son was seated on their normal chair.. not highchair (wasn’t offered).. but that’s ok.

So i had a free drink coupon on Swensen’s app which i wanted to redeem. So i told myself nvm, I’ll wait for the food to be served. The guy came with food, i told him abt the drink coupon.. he completely blanked me off, put the food down n walked away(Zero interaction).. than i thought, maybe he is getting a server since i saw him walking out from the kitchen with my food earlier.. No, he straight went back in to the kitchen

N there were no cutleries for me.


Ok that is it.. I burst !

I went to the counter n got the manager n told him to follow me to the table since my 3yrs old was there n said i need to speak to him. I didn’t raise my voice or make a scene but i was very upset.

To be honest, i assumed i got this treatment because it was only me n my son. So technically what I would spend would be lesser than 2 paying adults.

I started voicing my grievances n the manager Oh so patiently heard me out. N than when i stopped what he said next broke my heart

90% of the staffs there were mid to high functioning autistic teenagers from APSN School

I profusely apologised to the manager n coveyed my suggestion to atleast make it known to patrons like what KFC does. Not a badge on them but some sign before they enter the restaurant.

N like what i suspected, Google reviews on Swensen’s were brutal

I’m writing this to just make known how wonderful it is for Swensen’s to be inclusive and give an opportunity but also be patient with the servers. N do support them and not boycott due to poor services if u ever had any. It isn’t intentional.

I also would like to give a shout out to the manager managing everything.. it really isn’t easy.

N please don’t jump the gun too quickly like myself.


Lately I’ve seen quite a few post with photos n videos floating ard on social media abt misbehaving kids.. how parents can’t control them.. we will never know their story.

If u see any kids acting out of the norm n being unruly or ‘naughty’ or uncontrollable.. don’t be too quick to judge the parents that they are bad parents or it’s poor upbringing.. there are more than meets the eye..

Source: Sindhu RK Johnson on Facebook

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