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Yet Another Online Scam


Untitled-23Yet another online scammer gets arrested The Police have arrested 32 years old woman.

Since earlier this year, SPF received numerous reports of online scams who has offered a product or service which never arrived. Scammers often tell the buyers to transfer the money before delivering the goods. Those were jut nothing but empty promiese. Doubfult buyers please only buy from online legitamate sellers. After transfering of money, the sellers normally disappear into thin and will no longer be contactable.

The suspect was arrested at Chai Chee, she will be prosecuted and charge with counts of cheaing, under Sec 420-224.
She now face a pending sentence of up to 10 years in jail and liable to get fine.

How to avoid scammers?

Buy from famous online retailers
Go through a 3rd party website which will hold on to your payment until you have received the goods in proper description and condition.
Go online and search the company and check if it is legitamate.

Buyer be beware.Do you homework before rushing into purchase of goods online