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Your Virgin’s Guide – Be Careful When Visiting Geylang Chicken House. Not all are legal!

15595404227_f4d733fc0a_bAll legal whore houses are mostly located at the south end of Geylang road. The south end is Geylang lorong  2 to 30. Most within this compound is legal. Not all of them are.


How to identify?

The chickens that operate there are issued with legal certificates which indicates the chicken house is operating legally. They are not allowed to stand outside to pull in roadsiders to the houses or hotels.

Example picture of a illegal one(roadside one)st_20140330_geylang30o02l_4080789e

What is the best time to go?

The best time to go is mostly 1 to 3pm. The reason being most of the shops operate between 12pm to midnight. During this period there is not so much business and you will get to choose your chicken for your 30mins or whatever how much extra money you going to pay for your time. Also at this time the house keepers just completed cleaning the rooms and you will get a “cleaner” bed.

How much do I have to pay?

Most of the shop prices range from a minimum of $50 for 30 – 40mins. Of course the more you pay the higher the “grade” you get. Meaning more beautiful. Regulars enjoy slight discounts of $10-20 and sometimes give you a bit of extra 15mins. If your paying anything cheaper than $50 it is probably illegal.

I’m a virgin what do i do?

For virgin’s if you tell the chicken house tenant and tell them it’s your first time. They give you an Ang Pao with $2 in it. Don’t worry walk in and let the girl lead you.


Don’t tag your virgin friends about this article later they paisei. Just send it to them privately. Cheers

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