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I have a mandatory internship where I study, difficult to arrange, luckily I got it and then I found out that the most beneficial internship time for me would be in the morning, when I study and my internship supervisor would always be there.

Weeks later, a vacancy for another intern appeared and that’s when I made the offer to my friend, Sofia (W,19), who didn’t hesitate to take the test, I spoke to a friend and told her not to tell about the vacancy for more no one guaranteeing Sofia’s spot.


She got it and we started working together in the morning as we chose to skip a few days of school

Sofia and my boss started to get really close and I ended up becoming a kind of cupid between the two, who didn’t stop flirting at work until we found out he had a girlfriend and I told Sofia to stay out of trouble. She said she didn’t want to be the reason for the end of the relationship, but the gifts, pampering and flirting continued between the two, especially from my boss. Until one day my boss(M, 27) is kicked out by his girlfriend, who I believe has suspected her crush on the intern.

From then on I started to go to work less due to the huge amount of absences and due to the distance between my boss and Sofia with me, because I was no longer fit to be a cupid and all the conversations revolved around the two of them, but Sofia continued to work the same shift and after a while she made her relationship official

She started to ask me to glue her notes and activities, because she didn’t go to classes, which ended up tiring me, until one day she didn’t come to class to return one of these works to me on the day of delivery because she was in the trade and didn’t study to a double test with my friend making her get a low grade, in addition to other feats I decided to ignore her the other day, because our proximity was no longer the same and I was already fed up with all that and she didn’t like it, the following week when I went to the internship she also ignored me.


After a few days it got worse, every time I went to the internship I was also ignored by my boss who rarely gave me any work and when they went to have lunch together I was alone in the room, they acted as if I wasn’t in the room and talked each other. It was weeks before she decided to apologize to me and my friends over WhatsApp for acting arrogantly, but the other day at school she ignored us again and acted like nothing had happened.

It is worth mentioning that I had not talked to Sofia but a mutual friend between us tried to resolve the situation and Sofia just said that she was fine and that there was no problem.

Then I decided to go to the internship less often and Sofia ended up switching classes, staying for the afternoon shift, I finished my internship and now we don’t speak anymore Was I an asshole for ignoring her?

Note: she’s going to get a job where she’s interns according to my old boss

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