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So I(F18) and my bf(M16) started dating about three(3) months ago. My best friend(F16) and I were really close, even though we only really became friends in January of this year(2022). My bf and I became friends about five(5) years ago at a church retreat and have been close ever since.


The situation comes up about four(4) months ago, maybe a few weeks before he and I start dating. I find out that she has a crush on him, and at that time I did not care as I did not think he liked me as I am slightly clueless and thought that he just really liked being friends with me as he talked to me a lot, and would find me out at church. I had a crush on him for about 3 of the 5 years that we had been friends, but I never acted on it as he is 2 years younger than I am, and I assumed he would think I was too old for him.

Once I found out that she liked him, I took a little bit to decide if I wanted them to get together or not, and I ended up trying to get them together. She confessed to him and he said that he was not into dating for now and not into crushes. She was very upset and I tried to comfort her. About a week later I ended up telling her about how I have had a crush on him for 3 years. She didn’t give much of a reaction other than asking if I was sure.

I thought that was the end of that conversation, but I was wrong. 2 days later I find out that she told him and he didn’t say anything about it. That night, after being on a call with him, as we had been on calls at night for about 3 days of that week, he ended up confessing that he liked me at one point. I thought it was sort of funny and told him to go to bed and that we talk about it later.

That Sunday, which was another 2 days later, I end up flirting with him all night in front of her, as he didn’t care that she was annoyed by our flirting. As he drove me home that night, he told me that he had liked me since we had met and never made a move because he thought that I would have said that he was too young for me. At the end of that week, we started dating.

That was April 15, Good Friday. We hid from her the fact that we were dating until May 18, as we didn’t want her to be mad at us as he did say he was not into dating. Now she was mad at us for a while but then things got better until recently when she decided to no longer be friends with me but restarted being friends with my bf again, which I don’t mind.

So am I being bad for stealing her crush?

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