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When it comes to ASEAN countries, I’ve had the privilege of exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth and meeting some of the most beautiful women in the world.


From the sultry beaches of Thailand to the beach resorts in Indonesia and even to a metropolis like Singapore, I’ve been able to experience the diversity of Southeast Asia and its people.

I’ve also had the pleasure of sleeping with some of the most gorgeous women from these countries, and I must say that each country has its own unique charm.

Let’s start with Thailand, which is probably the most famous of the ASEAN countries. The women there are absolutely stunning, and many of them are quite eager to meet and spend time with Westerners.

I’ve spent months in Thailand, and I can say with confidence that it’s a great place to meet beautiful women.


The ‘piak-piak’ is great, and the Thai girls are some of the most passionate and wild in the world.

They are eager to please and really treat you like you’re the King.

They ‘call out’ like you’re giving them the best ‘piak-piak’ they have ever received and they would do anything to make you happy.

One thing though is some of these women’s ‘down there’ smells terrible, like salted fish.

Next is Indonesia, which is also an incredibly beautiful country. The women here are also incredibly beautiful, and they’re some of the most exotic women in the world.


I’ve had some of the best ‘piak-piak’ of my life in Indonesia, and it’s a great place to explore and meet some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Under their traditional attire are their very curvy figures, they have curves at all the right places.

They have very nice eyes and those fairer skin tone girls really make you always want to go back for more.

Moving on to the Philippines, this is another great destination for meeting beautiful women. Filipino women are incredibly friendly and very open to meeting Westerners.

They’re also incredibly passionate and wild in the bedroom, and there’s no shortage of beautiful women to choose from.

Malaysia is another great destination for meeting beautiful women because of the different races here.

Each race has their own ‘speciality’ and most of the women here have big ‘chests’ but their thighs are also big.

They are also good at acting cute and getting you to want more from them, but one thing is they will always want to go serious after all the ‘piak-piak’.

To be honest they trust quite easily, making them easy to fool.

Finally, we come to Singapore, which is probably the most developed of the ASEAN countries.


Singapore is pretty similar to Malaysia, both these countries are quite connected in terms of their economy and their familial ties.

However, one thing about Singapore Girls is that they expect you to do the work, most of them are like ‘dead fish’.

They just lie down there and open their legs.

In conclusion, each ASEAN country is unique and offers something different for the adventurous traveler.

As a westerner, it is not hard to get girls in the asean region.

I look forward to trying ASEAN cuisines from other Asean countries.

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