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Friday, January 27, 2023


Let me share my story. I was being pulled by my ex friend (because I don’t regard her as my friend what a bitch fag). We lost contact for more than 2 years then 1 day she just messaged me and of course I feel surprised. That time, I was finding a job so when she said about this business I just agreed to come to the company and take a look. I found a job soon enough but since I already agreed to come down, I decided to make a trip. Then I was asked to go for talks and lessons and their promoting skills really too convincing so I got brainwashed to start it.


When I know I had to pay for $3k I honestly cursed in my heart. I feel so cheated by that bitch and immediately knew why she invited me. I wanted to back out on that day but they asked this girl who is about my age to talk to me and I got brainwashed completely because she said she can manage her uni fees on her own, which was what I wanted to do since I come from a very humble background.

So they asked how much can I pay and when I said $300, I can tell they aren’t very happy about it. But they said it’s alright, I can pay more along the way. So I didn’t think so much and proceeded with the business. They asked me to invite someone down for SCC but apparently, I didn’t ask much friends because I don’t even know how. Then when I start asking my friends to come down to the office, none of them agreed except 1. (I only asked about 4 because I feel so bad for cheating so many people). So when I tell them I found a friend who can go to the office, they kept dragging and said I need
to do planning first. But I had a job already so I have no time to do my name list and goal list (name list is basically a list of all my friends so that I can scam them 1 by 1).

So they kept asking me to finish my name list before I can proceed with the planning. It was dragged for more than 3 weeks and I basically didn’t earn anything. So I start to feel suspicious if I got scammed and I kept asking them what will happen if I can’t pull anyone into the company ? But they kept avoiding the topic by saying that won’t happen.

To make sure i wasn’t being scammed, I tried to tell them I want a refund to find out that’s not possible. Then they start to pull off those Terms and Conditions shit when I didn’t even sign anything. So I asked if I can get the $300 worth of Stemcell Capsules which I paid to find out the $300 isn’t even the product purchase. It’s $150 for account starting and $150 for deposit so basically that’s how I got scammed. I really feel bad for those people who got pulled in but I guess I’m lucky since I only paid $300 though I didn’t get any product yet.


I hope every Singaporean become aware of this shit company. Never trust anyone easily, especially people who message u out of a sudden. No one will suddenly keep in contact with u unless it concerns money.


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