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Are Uber and Grabcar Drivers Dangerous?


Many are sceptical of the new way of getting a taxi from a regular car. Let’s review and find out more about Uber


What Is Uber or Grabcar/GrabTaxi?

Uber/Grabcar is a smart phone software that allows passengers to book taxi rides. Uber  comes in andriod, apple,windows phones. You’re able to look for the nearest driver in the vicinity with the in build map, this feature provide the answer to “when is the taxi coming?”.

It also allows the passenger to pay the driver via credit card. Meaning all payments with the driver is seamless and no hassle taken, meaning “You arrive at your destination you step out! No cash or any direct transaction required with the drive”.

When the ride arrives don’t be surprise that it is just a regular vehicle without the taxi logo on top on the car!

Who are the drivers?

Most privately owned Taxi companies require a background check before being eligible to be the company’s driver, Same goes for Uber. Meaning the driver can be anyone that has a privately owned vehicle or rented one from Uber.


Why Are We Using Uber? I Can Just Flag A Taxi Down The Road?

Uber normally charges via distance and a per-minute charge is added on top of the distance charge. Users of the application are able to get a pre-quote of the estimated cost required for the ride.

Uber is CHEAPER! It does not have any surcharge rates!

Finally to the main topic. Is it safe to use this private cars?

Lets look at the events that happened with Uber

As indicated by the reports, a 42-year-old lady (name withheld) snatched a Uber at around 2 AM on August 5. Be that as it may, when her Uber driver took her through a passage, he clearly hauled out a blade and made her hand over all the money she had on her individual – about RMB 5,000 (US$780).

uberA Facebook client shared his experience of potentially being bamboozled of S$97 (US$71) when he was attempting to get a Uber ride in Singapore. Uber Singapore conveyed an email today to caution clients about the trick. It prompted clients to call the police in the event that they experience the driver.

Uh-OH!! Does it mean it’s dangerous? NO! Crime happens everywhere even with regular Taxis you see on the road. Personally i have used Uber a number of times and most of the time i’m greeted with friendly drivers and made my miserable day feel better.

My verdict: Just be careful, crime happens everywhere regardless of the type of Taxi you take. I assured you that most the taxi related crimes are caused by the passenger’s who the driver is the victim!! Uber drivers are just like you and me, regular people just trying to make ends meet.


If its your first time using uber. Use this code: EORWM to get a free ride

Do you take uber? Most in the comments below. Good or bad experience?



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