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Cisco Officer Play With Gun, Misfire


tuasA 22-year-old Cisco helper cop professedly discharged his pistol while playing a dangerous game at Tuas Checkpoint on Aug 13 a year ago.

Gregory Lai Kar Jun, a Singaporean, then obviously concocted a plan to cover his tracks. He recovered the spent round and shrouded it in an activity wand, then flushed an alternate projectile down a can.

The following day, to sidestep capture, he supposedly told a policeman he had coincidentally dropped two projectiles into the can.

Recently, Lai was accused of conferring a rash demonstration to imperil human life, deliberately blocking the course of equity and giving false data to an open hireling.

He advised the court he expected to confess, and a court notice has been altered for him to do as such on June 14.

As per the charges, Lai crushed the trigger of his gun at around 2pm at Observation Point 6, within the sight of Mr Muhammad Dzul Adhar Azmi, “in an amusement much the same as Russian roulette”.