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My wife and I tried something different for the first time last night. It did not go well.


She had been wanting to try putting me in her from behind for awhile now but honestly I was kind of intimidated by it.

I’ve never done it before, never been into the idea myself because it seems gross because that’s where poop comes from.

Not judging anyone who’s into it at all it just wasn’t ever something I was particularly interested in but my wife got the idea in her head somehow probably from one of her romance novels she reads or somewhere else but either way she talked to me about wanting to try it.

It wasn’t the first time she talked about it and she used plugs as part of our usual routine and I could tell she really wanted to so this time I said sure, let’s give it a shot.


I figured what’s the worst that could happen?

She got home early from work, made us both dinner and drinks to “set the mood” then after we were done eating she said she had some prep work to do and told me to wait on the bed and get some lube ready.

I went into our drawer, grabbed a random bottle, she came in shortly after. Not going to do a whole play by play but after some foreplay she was ready and bent over the bed and took her plug out and told me to use lots of lube on both of us then go in slowly.

So I did and then slowly tried to go in slowly. It actually felt really good. It was so tight. She seemed like she was enjoying herself but she told me to go super slow because it was so tight.

I did and things were actually feeling really good for both of us until suddenly she said “Oh god it feels hot.” Right as I was thinking the same thing.


“Oh god feels like i’m on fire! It hurts! Get out!”

Of course like an idiot I panicked and pulled out too fast causing my already pained wife more pain. She yelled out and I realized my error and felt really bad but my “head” felt super hot too but her backside was in so much pain and not just from me pulling out too fast.

She asked what lube I used and I grabbed the bottle. I used the warming lube we bought and didn’t like and never used again because I’m dumb.

My wife was in so much pain and discomfort for the rest of the night but thankfully the painful warming sensation left us both pretty quickly but her bum still hurts from my swift exit.

Not a great experience overall but at least there isn’t poop involved.

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