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DJ Sexy Tenashar Arrested For Drugssss


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a mysterious tip-off prior this week that the couple were on the keep running over medication related offenses in Singapore.

TNP then reached CNB for affirmation by giving Tenashar’s genuine name – Ms Debbie Valerie Long – and that of Mr Nolte.

A representative answered in an email on Thursday evening that a 31-year-old female Singaporean and a 42-year-old male nonnative were captured for medication related offenses in October a year ago.

The representative included that they were later discharged on safeguard pending further examination.

He said: “As they neglected to report back to CNB as required under their safeguard conditions, CNB has issued a newspaper for their captures.”

A journal of capture is a warning to all Home Team officers to capture or follow the whereabouts of a man, criminal legal advisor Louis Joseph told TNP. He said a newspaper is typically issued after or at the same time with a warrant of capture.

In the event that the suspects were regarded to have ruptured their safeguard conditions, the bailors would be required to show cause under the watchful eye of a judge in court.


At the point when reached through email yesterday, Tenashar denied that she and Mr Nolte were stuck in an unfortunate situation with the law. Inquired as to whether there was any truth to the medication affirmations, she said: “There is no truth in this, the ages aren’t right too. Whoever made these charges is unmistakably hoping to mix some tattle and criticism us.”

At the point when TNP sent her a consequent email to affirm her refusal, she said: “Yes, I deny all affirmations made. Is it accurate to say that you are certain this is not an April Fool’s joke?”

She didn’t answer to different inquiries, for example, her age and birthday, and whether she was in Singapore or abroad.

Tenashar has two Facebook accounts, one utilizing her genuine name and the other, her stage name.

On the previous, she records her birthday as Aug 3, 1990. The last does not specify her age or birthday.

In media interviews, she has constantly given her age as “in her 20s”.

Mr Nolte’s last referred to reported employment was as the CEO of a computerized promoting organization. An online inquiry with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority on Thursday demonstrated that Mr Nolte was still recorded as a chief for advanced advertising firm Upfront.

Tenashar notice that last year that she had been dating Mr Nolte, who was then isolated from his wife, radio DJ Jamie Yeo, since February a year ago.

This was not long after Ms Yeo told way of life magazine 8 Days that she was separating Mr Nolte, whom she had hitched in 2010.

The separation has subsequent to been finished. Mr Nolte and Ms Yeo, 39, have joint care of their five-year-old little girl, Alysia.

At the point when asked Ms Yeo via telephone yesterday in the event that she knew about the medication affirmations against her ex and Tenashar, she didn’t sound amazed and said she had known in regards to the assertions for around three months.

Declining to expand, she included: “I favor not to discuss it in light of our little girl, who hasn’t seen him in four months.

“He contacts her by means of Whats-App. My legal advisors and I are attempting to make sense of what to do. It’s very open that he has been away. I don’t know why and where.”

“My girl and I are doing fine and we are upbeat,” she said.

Whenever Emailed, she answered that she had endured a blackout after a snowboarding mischance. Her Facebook page demonstrated that she had been snowboarding in the Japanese ski resort of Niseko.

Both her Facebook records are still dynamic. Her keep going open post on the Debbie Valerie Long record was on March 11, when she said her mishap and posted a photo of the therapeutic report. Her keep going post on the Tenashar page was not exactly a day back. It included the line “I’m a Bad Girl” and a photo of her.

Mr Nolte’s unit at The Quayside apartment suite in Robertson Quay, a security officer said he had moved out last October. His versatile number is no more being used.