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Neighbour complaint about hammering noises, dragging of furnitures and even sounds of footsteps and drawers closing

Hi everyone, I am kinda at my wits end hence I am posting here to ask for opinion on what I should do? I just want to hear what others have to say about my situation. Might get a bit lengthy because I want to ensure all details are as specific as possible so that I can truly get a accurate opinion.


Just some context I am a 19F living in a HDB with my mom & my bro (17M). Note that this will be impt later in the post. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

So a month ago, the neighbour living below my unit came up to my house one morning and banged on our door hella hard, I meant really hard. Nobody was in the living room at the time because we were all asleep while my mom was doing laundry. When my mom opened the door minutes later the neighbour raised his voice really loud which woke me up from my sleep and I heard he scolded my mom about all the ruckus that we have been causing early in the morning like dragging of furnitures. I went out and asked him which room he stays in and he says he stays in the same room as me below our unit and I told him I was literally asleep since last night, there was no way I made those noises. He left after awhile.

2nd time he came up, I was in the toilet and my brother was the one who opened the door so I was not sure whether he shouted at my brother or what but I heard he went up to the storey above us to ask about the noises.

3rd time (just yesterday), he banged on our door with a long stick that left some marks on our wooden door. I walked out of my room and before I could react, my brother had already opened the door. He started being verbally abusive towards us and shouted hella loud again and said “if the noise doesn’t come from you then who is it from?” Despite me and my bro telling him repeatedly it is not us, he didnt wanna hear it and our neighbours came out to see what was all the shouting about. When he left, my bro and I were badly shaken and we teared up because it was just us at home. I called the police shortly after and they came to take our statements. The guy said that there is no way the noise caused by the unit above me could travel down to his unit. I hear the same thing everyday and it was worst last week with the sudden loud hammering at 9 in the morning. HDB said that they are unable to interfere because they are just developers. What should I do now?


Edit: just found out that this isn’t the first time he came to confront us with a weapon. the first time was a umbrella, my neighbours saw it but none of us were homed.

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