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Fashion designer siphoning $80k from ex-lover

Untitled-41Ong, 40, a fashion designer was jailed for five months yesterday (12 March) after pleading guilty under the Computer Misuse Action for siphoning $80,000 from his former lover’s online bank account, claiming he was left “heartbroken” and sibei dulan after 17 years of love.


Ong, was caught in bed in their home with another man by his partner in 2011 and had since moved out of the home since the incident.

He then started to transferring his partner cash into his own account through online transfer..

Ong a Malaysian got into a relationship with his partner which is a teacher in 1995. His partner had since took care of Ong’s by giving him a monthly allowance to take care of him and paid for his school fees in fashion school.

In 2010, Ong suggested for the teacher to apply for a online banking facilities as the partner was not good in using computers, Ong had volunteer to keep his Internet banking token for convenient sake.


On the next year 2011, Ong’s friend had pay him a visit at his home and both was caught falling asleep and sharing on the same bed when the teacher came home, Ong unable to explain himself then had moved out about two weeks later.

Ong also later heard from his mutual friends that his former partner was spreading rumor’s about him that they were together only because Ong had wanted him because of his money. Ong also heard the teacher had began another new relationship with another lover.

Heartbroken and angered, Ong started transferring money from the teacher’s bank account to his own. During the period of September 2012 and June 2014, Ong had transferred $82,853 in total to his own bank account. On July 18, 2014, the teacher, now 62, had lodged a police report claiming that someone had made illegal transfers from his bank account and a cheque he attempted to issue but, rejected due to a lack of funds.

Ong, a permanent resident, according to Singapore law, Ong could be liable for three years of jail bird time and would be fined SGD$10K on each of the charges for doing this.

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