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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Fresh grad here, just saw the post of some guy on a 4.5k salary and his parents whatever whatever.


So apparently job mkt is pretty bad now, hearsay average starting pay for my course is 3.5-3.6k.

Even with a 2nd upper and around the same skillsets with my friends, I’m been getting lowballs of 2.5k-3k job offers. It’s either I take one up now and earn low for say 1 year and jump, or wait a few months to accept a better offer. Resume seems similar to my coursemates and internships gao gao also.

But ah. If say I start off with a low starting, is it true the next job will offer me based on that low starting, say 2y later when I jump, I get offered someone’s starting pay as an “upgrade”?

It’s 3 months in alr. Should I wait for a better offer or just take a lowball?


Here are what netizens think:

  • Do U need the money? If yes take the low offer job. If no then U can hope for a better market which may or may not come.
  • one thing about job is this, if your potential employer see your resume and you have not a good experience, then they might not want you, I would then go for the experience first and then while working also look out for the next opportunity. If your pocket is deep enough u can wait awhile longer but not so long that it doesn’t look good in your resume.
  • Bro my salary $6000 plus $7000 a month … how I do it .. I tell you don’t complain … don’t whine , just do your job ,gain experience ,upgrade and wait for opportunity … am I working in the job that what I started out in the area of my specialisation ? Sorry it’s a no … sometimes we work just to survive … and for me I just grind the hard way till I make it in life …
  • Just go for it 1st. In the meantime, continue hunting around until u get one that pays u according to your asking salary. If you dont get any good offers even while during employment, continue working for at least a year or two before you move on. That way, you will be out of the “fresh grad” label and with a year or two of working experience to add to your portfolio. That itself will help u have a better bargaining position to ask for a higher salary for yoir next job.
  • if you choose to take the job, DO NOT REVEAL YOUR LAST DRAWN SALARY to your next employer. Ask them for their budget, if they want you & they offer you the position, negotiate again for above their budget
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