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I dont know what to do now


I come from a single-parent family. We are not well-to-do, considered low income, but not poor to the point where we need to scrimp and save and wonder where the next meal will be coming.

My dad earns around $2.5k plus a month?? Me and my sister are living with him at the moment. Both of us are in uni, we are not working now due to school load but have worked pt before and have a bit of savings.

But my dad has been hinting to us to pay for the water and electricity bills, since he feels unfair that we stay home more often than we do and should pay for our portion. It’s not like we leech off him totally, like we buy our own groceries and sometimes even offer to cook for him, but he prefers eating out instead (damn picky).

He keeps insisting that we have the money from our prev jobs to cover the bills, but we are actually saving for the future, I’m planning to get married next yr and my sister and I are not working atm to focus on studies (proj been pretty heavy this sem), so we will be using our savings. And I’m also not willing to pay for electricity since he is the one who uses the ac every night, it’s very unfair. Both of us use utilities responsibly, we dont take long showers or on ac all day, if that’s what you are thinking. I know it’s not a lot a lot of money but it adds up over time. I envy those ppl, whose parents dont expect them to pay bills before they start working.


Sometimes he ‘jokes’ that we should pay him rent too, this is making me so stressed out, I haven’t even started working and I’m already treated like an outsider staying free, maybe he will quit his job and expect a monthly allowance once we start working. He still has housing loans to pay, so he always say how good it would be for us to move out and he can rent out the room. I feel so bad for occupying the space but I really need it, I can’t afford to pay rent now, really.

Then I feel like I’m unfilial, like should I just accept my fate and pay the bills or like what… I will prob move out in 2 yrs time, once I finish my studies. I know we shld help our parents when they are in need (no he is not sick or anything), but I really cant afford it right now, if I can afford rent I would have moved out alrdy. I’m alrdy helping w some groceries and cleaning the house, which btw I’m the only one doing, idk shld I say this but when ppl have kids shouldnt they cover their necessities??

Not like I ask for allowance, just basic stuff like a room, water and electricity, maybe it’s too much to ask for, maybe as someone’s child I’m supposed to help w everything. I’m just too calculative and unfilial.

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