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My best friend has been in a relationship with the guy for around 2 months and throughout those 2 months, I have just never liked the guy.


All that he did was ever treat my best friend badly. He constantly talks to other girls, sometimes ignoring my friend etc. Because of this, my friend ALWAYS complained.

Even when they first met my friend complained about the way he talked. Since she always complained about her boyfriend, there’s nothing for me to like about him. Which upsets her but I mean what am I supposed to like about someone who treats you badly?

Now I have expressed to my friend that she deserves better and that she doesn’t need someone who treats her this way.

She always thanks me for the kind words but I felt like it just never got through.

Anyways they broke up around a week ago. After they broke up they cuddled before he left which to me makes absolutely no sense.

I told her that although being comforted is nice especially since she’s going through a tough time, she shouldn’t be cuddling him since that’s not gonna make the separation easier.

This week they got BACK together. She said how happy she was and this is when my irritation broke loose. I’ve always tried being a good friend and comforted her whenever things were rocky in her relationship.

I told her everything that I could possibly say to make her feel better, yet when I heard she decided to get back with him it just pissed me off so much. Maybe after 2 days of getting back together, she complained about him taking forever to respond to her texts (I think he didn’t reply for 6 hours)

I told her:

“I love you very much, I hope you know that. But I don’t want to hear your complaints anymore. You had everything in your power to leave him, you know he’s not a good guy, you know you’re not being treated the best, and yet you decided to stay with him. Because of this I think I need to tell you that I no longer want to hear anything negative about your relationship. You can tell me if he takes you for dinner, you can tell me if he buys you flowers. But do not come to me to complain about him anymore. Its draining and stressful for me to be worried about a relationship that I’m not even apart of. You have no right to complain when you put yourself in the situation you kept complaining about.”

She got mad and started giving me short cold replies. I mean I get why I guess. She’s going through a lot it’s just… She has everything in her to leave. I really don’t get why getting back was one of the options. I just got fed up with it and needed to put my foot down since everything I was saying before wasn’t getting through. I know I was harsh with my words but I needed to tell her otherwise I’d continue being stressed over something that’s really not my issue.

How are her relationship problems my problems?

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