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Is my cousin imagining things?


I have a cousin who I am quite close to. She came over to study in Singapore and lived over at my house for a few years. Let’s call her Sharon. She works as a sales assistant in a boutique. Her working environment seems to be very ‘bitchy’ – full of politics, competitions and dirty tricks.

She always calls and complain that her colleagues ganged up together to torment her because she is not local. It got worst when she was selected to be the temporary in charge when their manager was away for awhile instead of a more senior local staff.

Recently, she told me something very shocking. She told me her colleagues got so jealous of her, they tried to harm her. She said that they have given her a coffee and when she drank it, feels like there’s sand grains inside and also has dark residue that doesn’t look like coffee powder. She said it might be some drugs or dark magic mumbo jumbo because she felt unwell and unlucky for days after that. She also claimed that they have secretly used her phone to register on some adult website hence she have received harrassment texts/invitations from random guys.

I honestly don’t know what to believe. I asked her why would they do that? It’s a criminal offence to drug someone. And that if she is unwell, she should see a doctor. But she is so fixated on the idea she is cursed she thinks a doctor cannot help her.


She claimed that the manager, a charming guy in his mid thirties is interested in her and her colleagues are jealous because they like him too. Apparently, he was always flirting with one of her colleagues but when she came, he was attracted to her instead. Sharon is not overly gorgeous but have her own charm and good figure. So there could be a chance he was attracted to her.

I told her to bring the harassment, minus the dark magic mumbo jumbo up to her manager, but she said there’s no prove because they’re smart enough to avoid the cameras and it might just worsen things.

She have been getting more and more paranoid and even doesn’t dare to bring water bottle to work. She always buy mineral water and finishes them asap.

I feel things are not right, so I went down to her store one day after my work to see what could be going wrong but I don’t feel that much of animosity between them. They’re obviously not close but they just mind their own business. To drug her… I don’t think so. But I can’t be sure too.

I accompanied her to a temple where she prayed and got some protection tailsman and braclets. She even got a medium qian (not too bad) for the problem she asked.


I thought things would get better but she claimed it didn’t work out as she is still feeling unwell/unlucky.

I actually start to think is it all in her mind… I tried to get her to quit, since it’s so stressful for her but she feels she “have lost” if she quits.

What do you guys think? How would you handle this?

Netizen’s comments

She exhibits symptoms of schizophrenia. Those with such mental illness perceives that the whole world is trying to harm her. So she is crazy. But everyone is kinda of crazy too, because sometimes we also imagine things which are not in our lives. It’s just whether you are aware or not aware.

Psychiatrists can use drugs or ECT to help stabilise the condition but it will not solve the root of the problem.

The only way to liberate oneself is to completely understand your own mind. Empty the mind of all concepts, ideas, opinions which we allow the whole world to feed our minds since young and form our mindset… The basis of who we are.

A person with schizophrenia is actually closer to the normal person to discovering her true self since she is losing her mind.

She needs to practise deep breathing into the belly and allow the excessive energy to sink into the core. She can also recite some mantras aloud to help cut off stray thoughts in the mind and help her focus in the present moment. I know of a TCM doctor who can use accpuncture needles to draw excessive energy in the head, down into the feet. In spiritual practise, this is known as grounding.

She need to change her job too. Her current mental health can’t cope with her existing work. She need something simple with less complicated people. Or take a break by going on a retreat. Otherwise breakdown is imminent. The universe is already telling her to stop whatever she is doing… And wake up!

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