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A netizen recently shared a story online about his relationship with a female friend that appears can’t be bothered about him.


Here is the story

So who is the toxic friend here?

Me: (Female)

– I make the plan to get her nice and rather expensive birthday gift (anyway my birthday is before her), Nonetheless, I gave the birthday present to her first. If I don’t get her the present, I guess she will not get for me either.

– I am usually the one who initiates the meet-up and adjusted to her timing.


– sometimes I get rather unhappy with her as she can post on her social media thanking her other relatives/friends for the gifts she received but she don’t really wanna post about mine? She told me she has forgotten. Am I not being appreciated?

– When I get angry and stopped talking to her. She don’t even bother to talk to me either. But keep saying she care?

– I just wanted her to make the effort, but I don’t see any from her. She told me being my friend is very tired.


– She gave me expired gifts on my birthday explaining that she never notice it. She just find it nice and want to gift me as a birthday present. While I make so much effort in planning her gift the other way round


– She told me her work is busy and her family is her priority. To me I understand that. But no one is ever too busy for a friend? Like what I said. She seldom initiate and plan for the meet up.

– I explain my concern to her feeling unhappy that I am not being appreciated because she seldom mention about me in socia media but she can do it for other people. I was being called childish by her.

– She get annoyed saying that I always pick up things and quarrel with her over small little things? That’s because I care for her so much? But what did she do? I felt I am not being appreciated. I guess she don’t even care and make the effort as a friend, perhaps to me?

– She felt tired and stressful being my friend.

Here is what netizens think

  • Part ways lah. Why you focus so much on this friend? To the extend “Wah u never mention me on social media”. Geesh. This is not your husband or bf right? If someone don’t appreciate you and treat you like donkey, you still want to post online and ask ppl to comment if you really are a donkey? Okay you are, pls move on. 
  • The reason why you initiate the meetup is because you want to gain something from her!You are so materialistic loh! Why must you give her something and expect her to give you something in return?? Somemore need her to post on social media. Need to be so ego about it anot? I agree with her, you are childish and need to grow up.
  • Why do you validate ur friendship based on the cost n condition of gifts? isnt it what you give is from ur heart & dont expect anything back? Maybe what ur friend feel is that youre expecting the same value of gifts in return too much that she slowly feels its pressuring her thats why she says its tiring to be friends with you. If you value your friend without expectation, you will see a different light. Think about it.
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