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Hello, hope this is the right place! I just started my first job and I’m excited but also a bit nervous. I just graduated uni and don’t have a whole lot of experience with interacting with people.


I’m not bragging but I’m considered quite attractive and sometimes men will talk to me.

I don’t know other than the general small talk with an employee when checking out. Naturally, I am usually nervous and anxious, especially being by myself or talking to people so feeling anxious isn’t unusual with me but this incident was a bit different.

So when I went in for my interview I talked to a lady who worked there who was nice and when I met the lady who interviewed me she was nice too.

However, when I was filling papers out a guy sat down across from me, I didn’t think much of it because there were only like three spots to sit. I glanced over cause he kept looking around and looking in my direction. He said a couple of things to me like about filling out the application and all that.

I just laughed or responded to whatever he said but I didn’t really offer information or say a whole lot because I don’t talk much anyway.

After I finished filling the paper out I went back to the lady and waited where I was told to and that guy came over few minutes later. He continued talking to me and was asking how old I was and what I was applying for and was rambling about jobs he’s done before and how he’s not dressed for the interview and all.

I figured the guy was just being friendly but I started to feel more uncomfortable when he kept getting closer to me and even touching my application it was weird.

He also basically said he was watching me fill out the application and apparently could read what I wrote because he was wondering why I filled out the availability out different.

There were several employees who came out of the room where they do interviews and other people standing around so I was watching them because they were talking and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because there was a bunch of people and I wasn’t even for certain if I was in the right spot and I didn’t want to be seen as not serious about the job if I’m just talking to some guy being loud and not paying any attention to the lady calling for me.

When I was paying attention to the employees talking I still acknowledged what the guy was saying but I didn’t really say anything back like add to the conversation I guess? The one employee kept looking at the guy and the guy seemed to notice because he was like “oh sorry I’ll be quiet” but then he continued talking to me.

I think he might be a chi ko pek that is after me, but I’m not sure if his just friendly.

He seemed to get offended I wasn’t responding the way he wanted me to and moved away and said “Ok apparently you don’t want to talk” or something. I’d like to add there were others applying waiting as well as employees standing around and this guy didn’t talk to any of them he was just talking to me. Thankfully the lady came out and I went back with her and didn’t have to deal with that guy any longer.

I honestly have no idea if he was a creep or just overly friendly but it made me feel uncomfortable and I’m a bit worried of having to deal with people like that and I’m not sure how to tell or know if someone’s gonna be a creep or an issue.

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