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A bit of context is needed and I apologize it may belong. It all started when my boyfriend (m27) and I (f27) moved in last year.


We introduced ourselves to our neighbour (f30ish) and she seemed great, super nice. We quickly learned that the soundproofing of this building is nonexistent, you hear everything. Regular toned conversations, showers turning on, TVs, you name it, we can hear it. I have tried my hardest to be a quiet and respectful neighbour but the neighbour this is about didn’t seem to care and often watched her tv at full blast and would have loud conversations on the phone at all hours. But it didn’t really bother me that much, what can you do?

A few months after moving in our neighbour had a guy “friend” over and it was loud. Headboard banging, slapping, screaming, loud. It was hilarious we thought, the first time. But this turned into an almost daily, almost always around noon, occurrence for about a month and this girl had lungs.

I could hear it everywhere in the building, toilet, downstairs. Just when I was beginning to get fed up with it and contemplating complaining to management, see I work from home and it was incredibly disruptive, it seemed someone else had enough and complained before me. Ah, the sweet relief of quieter sx.

The screaming was toned down to moaning and I didn’t feel as assaulted in my own home anymore. I do think she thought we complained because she wouldn’t look at us anymore after that but I didn’t care, it was worth it.


Fast forward to two months, she and the guy and slowly was getting louder again. But I felt like I could deal with it since they normally happened around noon, or at least no earlier than 9. I had started working some days in the office as well so I wasn’t home to hear it as much, and most days I was gone before 7 am for my second job.

7:30am and I’m startled awake by a banging noise followed by some squeals and moans. I grabbed my pillow wrapped it around my head and tried to ignore it and sleep. 8am and I’m wide awake the noises were growing louder and the headboard was slamming with impressive force. I could feel the rage boiling up. My sleep is precious to me, I work two jobs and one is very heavy manual labour. Without thinking twice I grabbed our headboard and slammed our wall (the wall we share with our loud neighbor) and yelled not very nice things along the lines of “omg shut the **** up” and “I’m so ******* sick of this”. The silence from her side was incredibly satisfying at the moment and it has been beautifully quiet since.

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