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We have been dating for a little under a year now and have had a pretty stable intimate life, nothing crazy but I didn’t think she had a high size drive but now idk.


I was in her apartment while she was at work after staying the night and I was grabbing something from the closet, I have things in this closet, I’m familiar with what’s in there and this box of condoms were not here before, I’m a decent size but magnum XL would just be too big for me which makes me wonder, who’s are they and when did they show up. I do not think these are old condoms from an ex, we’ve been together for a year and these look pretty new, also weird that they’d pop up out of nowhere in a place I’ve looked at dozens of times, I’m sure they were placed here at an attempt of hiding them, but I don’t think my gf put them here.

I was a little shocked at first but now I’m not sure, it’s kind of hot, maybe it’s an old box but maybe it’s not, I’m somewhat aroused by this which is also a little shocking to me, idk if I’ll confront her when she gets home or not, I’m not sure what her reaction will be.

Update: Last night this had no attention so I just asked her when she got home, though had I waited, I probably would’ve heeded most of this advice.

She came home around 11 and after letting her settle I basically just asked her, I didn’t think, I just asked and showed her the box. Her biggest shock was that I found it bc apparently she didn’t put them there the guy did, she didn’t seem ashamed or embarrassed though, just indifferent to the fact that she’s been cheating.


She confessed, she was seeing another guy purely for bedroom activities with him (ouch) I asked for some details and explanation and basically they met some odd months ago and it led to them sleeping together. She told me that initially it was just supposed to be a one time thing to satisfy needs (that she wouldn’t tell me about) but after they hooked up that time she was basically in it for the long run, she told me that, yes, he was in fact much bigger than me (she basically said it exactly like that, also ouch) but the main factor was that he was much more experienced “sleeping with you is good and fine but he knows what to do and how to do it” (seriously, ouch)

Yeah I asked a few things, got some answers and I was just shocked, I never got an apology, I’m not sure what to do, she told me she still loves me and suggested opening the relationship bc she wants to explore and and stuff but it’s so weird that she has these wants and needs and never mentioned them until I found out. I just went to bed after the conversation and we haven’t said much since last night.

And just to be clear, I’m not into the whole cuckold thing, I didn’t think the idea of someone else banging my gf was hot, it was more about the nature of it all. I don’t mean that in a bad way, just not into cuck stuff

Update #2: A lot of you are right, she lied, she cheated, even in an open relationship I don’t think I could trust her anymore, maybe if she was upfront from the beginning I could’ve even considered being open, but yeah, I’m going to end things in a calm manner. Thanks everyone for the advice.

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