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Met 2 guys from dating app around the same time, now both are starting to hint that they wanna date me exclusively. But I don’t know who to choose


So Guy A is totally my type in terms of looks. Due to similar upbringing and educational background, we have a lot of common conversation topics and on top of that he has good sense of humour.

We also share a liking for one particular sport which we do together weekly. He lives in HDB and doesn’t drive, his family is not rich but lives a comfortable life. He was a scholar back in uni and now holding a managerial position in MNC.

He is very capable at work, generally street smart and carries himself well around people. Only weaknesses I noted so far 1) He doesn’t show much concern when I have a bad day or when i am sick, not really sure if he doesn’t know how to comfort me or just can’t be bothered. 2) He doesn’t like to plan dates so usually is either I plan or we do things impromptu. He does try to accommodate to my love language that is quality time and we spend quite a lot of time together despite his busy schedule.

Guy B is not bad looking too, although not exactly my type. He comes from affluent family, owns a condo and drives. He holds a decent job, but I happened to know he is actually a uni dropout and got the job through his parents’ connections. He is not as smart / capable as guy A but personality wise he is more warm and caring. He is very talkative so there is never awkward silence between us, but as time passes, I notice he does most of the talking and we don’t have much common topics to talk about. We also have no common interest. He is very generous with gifts and he brought me to nice places for dates. He openly tells me he is serious about me and hopes to settle down with me soon, something that guy A never brought up before. He even brought me home and introduced me to his family although we are not together yet.


In short, I feel like I get along better with guy A and more attracted to him as he is smarter and more capable, but guy B seems to be a better guy to settle down with given his financial stability and caring nature. Hence the dilemma. I am approaching 30 soon and hoping this relationship will be my last.

Just wanna get the crowd’s opinion on who you will choose and why.

Here are what netizens think:

  • Choose neither. You’re a red flag yourself. Poor lads. No matter who you choose, you will pin for the other one whenever you have problems with the first one. No man deserves such a woman who will keep thinking she could have chosen better whenever a problem arises.
  • So hard to decide..Cos we don’t even know you nor them personally.Follow your heart.. It’s what keeps you going when the going gets tough!
  • Instead of comparing the two, have you figured out what kind of a partner you want for life? In terms of vision, values, financial goals etc. I think if haven’t , better figure out first.
  • What are your values? What are their values? After all the looks, materialism, jobs, status are gone, what else is left is what you should think about… Marriage is till life and not till all you are ‘happy’ or ‘have’… Without these values, not only are you doing a disservice to yourself but to them as well…
  • Lol. This rs won’t be your last. You look at looks and money more than anything else. You’ll just keep changing to the next better one. So you best stay single. Don’t waste other people’s sons times.
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