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My girlfriend keeps pictures of her exes in her Face account. I know it is not clearly visible from the public and she said she has to scroll way from the past to delete all (she has many pics) and it’s too much work (??) but her point is, it is not big of a deal and she just keeps them just because I don’t know? memories?


That’s just her excuse, she can just click on photos and all of it will be out.

I know she’s over her exes but I can’t help to feel jealous inside. We’ve been together for 2 months now. Any advice?

is it normal for s/o to keep pictures of exes in social media?

Here are what netizens think:

  • I wouldn’t worry – sometimes people like to keep the pictures for the memory. It doesn’t mean they’re not over the person, it just means sometimes that the time the picture was taken/the status they wrote is something they want to remember. If you have to scroll back a long way as well I don’t think it’s a huge deal.
  • This is something you need to work on letting go because the jealousy won’t help your relationship. I have pictures of my exes on my socials somewhere for the same reason I’ve listed above. Not many, but there are some. Look forward into the future, not back at the past.
  • I still have photos of my ex on my Facebook page and just as the things I’ve posted some time ago, those pictures and people are in the past. Yes, I could delete them, but no one cares about them anyways and they’re very old, so I personally don’t see a point in deleting them I’m not sure whether it’s normal or not, I guess it depends on the people that are in the actual relationship. Some people would be OK with it and others not. It’s also how you bring it.
  • I have pictures of my ex on my phone as well. My current boyfriend is aware of this. The reason behind this is because, back then, I was incredibly insecure to take pictures of myself / let others take pictures of me. Unfortunate the pictures with my ex are pretty much the only pictures I have from the age of 15-19. I rarely look at them, but the thought of simply having something to look back on later in life is somehow… reassuring.
  • I think your GF’s excuse that “it’s not a big deal” and “too much work” are, well, BS. She can have a good reason of why she doesn’t want to delete them, but she should at least tell you.
  • Playfully ask her to delete it yourself. Regardless if people say that you are overthinking — which you are. I think, sharing the idea with your gf has to be settled on both your ends. She will allow that if none of it makes sense to her anymore. Then it becomes settled on both parties.
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