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Why is movie etiquette so bad here?


Mini rant, I was watching John Wick on IMAX last night and a couple behind me spent the entire movie talking. Not out loud, but loud enough that it’s bothersome, even during the quieter parts.

I shushed them, only for them to continue talking a few minutes later. Eventually I got so annoyed I turned around and told them verbally to be quiet, if they wanted to talk, they could go outside. Finally they shut up for the rest of the movie.

Made me realize that movie etiquette is so poor here. Other than talking, there are people who use their phone during movies, or people who bring in outside food and leave all their trash behind in a mess. Why are people so inconsiderate?

Netizens’ comments

  1. Well, you can’t blame the whole flock because of one black sheep. Anyways, thanks for scolding them, they deserved it!.
  2. I went to watch John Wick 4 yesterday and this old couple sitting behind me kept kicking my chair like 2 minutes into the movie. I sat in front of the old uncle and my chair kept rocking like every 5 minutes. I turned back to stare at him but like no response from him. Then he started reading the subtitles out loud like wtf. I’m reaching my limit so I change to the the seat on my lift, in front of his wife and guess what… my chair also got kicked by her. Like just put your legs down like Normal ppl ffs.
    Then when the scene with the Eiffel Tower came on, the old man confidently said to his wife “Oh Italy !” 🫠 She was like “It’s France no meh” then the old man kept gaslighting the wife that it’s Italy for like 10mins.
    I was like what mofo am I sitting in front of so I turn around to head to the toilet and got a good look at this 70 yo old uncle and I kid you not he also got up to use the toilet at the same time as me. Otw there I had the urge to go John wick on his ass but alas I have self control and no fighting skills so I just went back to the theatre and just suffered through the wife’s constant kickings and left as soon as the credits rolled.
    W movie L choice of seat
  3. I had a person in the cinema (John Wick 4 too) whooping everytime Wick does a good finishing. Very annoying. Also one of the pair of friends next to me kept asking in-universe related questions, as though this was his first John Wick film. Like dude, at least get caught up before u watch the last film of the franchise?
  4. I was watching top gun when some father brought his kid to watch it. And every couple minutes, the kid just asked questions throughout the movie.
    Who is that? What happened? Did he die? I just shouted at them to shut up, then shut the fuck up. The father tried to shush the kid but he just kept talking. I kinda gave up after awhile and just shouted come on man, when the kid just loudly asked to go to the toilet a couple times. After the lights came up, I have never seen someone run from their seat out of the theater as that fast before. I think he thought I was going to beat them up.
    But overall its true, Singapore people have very bad etiquette at the cinema, musicals etc. If you go to London or Australia to watch a musical, then watch one on singapore. You can see a world of difference.
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