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Facebook user Aathiq Muhammad shared how he had a “high value package” that was supposed to be delivered from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.


However, his package never arrived and it was even allegedly marked as “delivered” by the courier.

Here is what he said

Why is Singapore Post continuously riddled with issues with no end or solution?

On the 24th of June, we had a high-value package sent from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore via Post Laju Express. With a tracking link given, we were expected to receive delivery within the next 5 working days. Confident that we will get the delivery soon, with a signature when it arrives, we did not worry about anything.

On the 29th of June, the package was handed over to SpeedPost for local delivery, scheduled for the 30th of June. On the 30th of June, no doorbell came. No knock on the door, no person visited our house, no mail in our mailbox. We thought that probably it was delayed, but to our shock, the tracking link was updated to “Delivered” on the 30th of June, 04:57pm.


We thoroughly checked everywhere for the delivery, even with our neighbours, but there was no evidence of a box delivered to our doorstep or to our level on that day and even at that time. It was puzzling so I contacted SingPost to figure out what was going on. Customer Service was utterly useless, with the hotline and chat always busy, or they will drop your call or chat out of nowhere and no sign of anyone helping you.

I then decided to visit SingPost Centre personally, and they only gave me an option to complain to Customer Service. Fortunately, after that, a person came to our doorstep the day after I complained. This person who supposedly was the “driver” checked and asked if there was any package delivered. We said no and we told him about everything that happened, and he said he will check and left promptly. No identification was given, but I received a WhatsApp the next day.

Apparently, Speedpost has entrusted deliveries to third-party providers, and they only take a photo of the door when making the delivery, and the Signature was done by the driver and not by the receiver.

After that, we received no reply, no contact information, and were told to try the Customer Service hotline again, which brings me to a dead end, again. This brings me to the following questions:

  1. Why does SpeedPost entrust deliveries to Third-Parties, which does not ensure deliveries are done correctly and does not have a Signature given by the receiver?
  2. Why does SingPost continuously have ridiculously bad customer service?
  3. With all the bad reviews, does Singpost even want to try to improve? I am not the only one faced with these issues, yet nothing is being done to fix them?

At this rate, I need to set up cameras just to ensure Singpost does a decent job. And that is just sad.

May be an image of text that says "30 Jun 04:57 PM Item delivered Full time Internship Web Developer career Tracking.my 30 Jun 11:28 AM Departed from International Hub to domestic location Jun 10:52 AM Arrived at International Hub Jun 12:29 AM Departed from International Hub to Overseas Destination PMIH KLIA 27 Jun 10:00 PM Arrived International Hub PMIH KLIA 24Jun 11:55 PM Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office HUB POS Laju Domestik KLIA 24Jun 07:11 PM Item dispatched out Pusat POS Laju Kuala Lumpur 24Jun 04:55 PM ç Item posted over the counter Pejabat Sungai Wang Plaza"
May be an image of text that says "Country Code SG Item Number Submit Address Attempt Account Delivery Complete Number Complete Message Name Jun 30 2022 4:57PM Recipient Signature Image Jun 2022 Record posted 4:57PM successfully Status MO 000"
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