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Saturday, February 4, 2023


I hate my wife and am relieved to finally be getting divorced.


After 8 years, I am finally divorcing my horrible wife. She has been ridiculously awful our entire relationship. I have made some massive mistakes too. But my mistakes are like a few massive mountains, whereas her mistakes are like continuous rocky, rolling hills interspersed with several large mountains.

She is selfish beyond belief, to the point that she is incapable of seeing or understanding any perspective but her own. She can’t be reasoned with. She can’t be explained to. She would never concede a point, no matter how many facts are presented. The epitome of arrogant ignorance. Knows nothing, but acts like she knows everything and has the superior perspective on everything and everyone.

She brings so much difficulty and disappointment to the relationship, but acts as if she makes no mistakes. She blames me for everything, including the many, many issues that she came into this relationship with.

I was working full-time and going to school full-time, taking care of our two kids, and still pulling easily 80% of the cooking and cleaning. I got zero support from her and was always expected to drop what I was doing to accommodate her whims and various appointments. I am teleworking, but am being put on an improvement plan because my numbers are nowhere near where they need to be. Because I can’t expect to just work and do my job. She does nothing and contributes nothing, expecting that since I am home, I can do everything.


She expects respect, but doesn’t give it. She expects me to address issues calmly and directly, but her communication is garbage. She expects me to tell her everything that I need or the household needs, so all of the responsibility falls on me.

She behaves in a completely entitled and ungrateful way. Doesn’t matter how much I put in to try to improve things, it is never good enough.

She is certifiably nuts, but insists that I need therapy (which I do and have been getting for years). When I finally get fed up and stressed out of my mind and blow up on her, she plays the victim and acts like it is completely unprovoked and unreasonable. She is cold and callous about my feelings. She has struck me on 4 separate occasions, and yet antagonizes me to hit her in conflicts. I never have and never would. When I bring up that she is the one who has struck me, she mocks it. Doesn’t matter that I am vastly stronger than her and she is so pathetically weak that she couldn’t possibly hurt me. The principle is what matters.

She is a terrible mother. She pays more attention to her phone than the kids. She treats their needs like a burden, growling and lamenting when they need something. She ignores us almost constantly, especially when around her family or friends. It is like out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Then she criticizes my parenting, even though I love being a father, love my kids more than anything, and am there for my kids every second of every day. My older child doesn’t respect her at all, and they both come to me for comfort, for their needs, and for positive attention and affection. She is literally right there in the living room with him, but my 3-year old will come to me in my home office for food or play.

I am so glad I am getting divorced. She is a monster. I am so relieved, even though I am afraid of being alone and hate dating. It is far better than being with her.

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