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Extremely pissed off whenever I hear my bf complain about his manager. He works in telesales and his boss is a selfish and toxic woman who wouldn’t even allow her team to get off work on time.


The contract states 9am to 6pm but try leaving at 6pm? She will call you and immediately speak with a hostile tone asking you how much sales you hit the day and why you left early. He can make 300 calls a day and still be scolded when he leaves at 6pm.

They are not required to work on Sat, they can if they want to, but if he doesn’t turn up, his manager will call him AGAIN and ask him “then your sales target how to hit?!” I’ve heard her tone of speaking over the speaker so many times I have the urge to storm her office and slap her.

When my bf wanted to take leave for his vaccination cos there were only weekday slots left, the first thing she asked was “if you take leave then the sales how?” when he said “but vaccination lei” she replied “your sales numbers lei?” wtf?? I heard that his colleague wanted to take leave for her wedding but the manager didn’t allow too, the lady ended up resigning immediately. Whenever he wanted to take leave or mc, his manager will say something or scold him, not allowing him to take. Isn’t he entitled to his leave?

Once, he didn’t make calls for 1 hour because he was busy calculating stuff and noting down customer details for processing and his manager whatsapped the group chat to humiliate him and ask him what was he doing, even looped him and the higher-ups in an email thread to ask him what was he doing in that 1 hour.


Oh not just that, he even has to clock what time he goes to the toilet and what time he comes back.

What kind of toxic manager is this? I thought it was the company at first, but turns out only his manager is like this, other sales teams can leave on time and don’t have to head back on sat.

Imagine you having to rely on your team for your own livelihood but you treat them like dogs, what kind of human does this?

If I could expose her name and company I would send it to all the media outlets in Singapore, but sadly, I can’t because Idw to harm my bf.

Any HR persons or people well-versed in the employment practices know if such behaviour is considered illegal? I actually think there are many loopholes and grey areas so even if I report, MOM can’t do anything. I really wanna report her and get her fired.


Here are what employees think:

  • Every employee has rights to complain if any practices is not according to company policy. Working extra hrs or days doesnt mean u have extra sales. Time to find other job
  • Telesales are in demand, very difficult to hire. Pls ask him to resign, its easy to find other jobs
  • 1. Plan to resign

2. Get your bf team to all resign at once (without prior notice).. leave her hanging, alone and confused. (BLOCK HER)

3. Her superiors will begin to question and evaluate her.. and this will be the beginning of her downfall ( her reputation as well)

4. The longer she works there, the more she looks like a fool among the team leaders

Speaking from experience, and yes this is the best revenge. All the best..

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