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A hawker at Macpherson is giving away free bowls of katong laksa on a first come first served basis to their customers who are seniors.


The hawker previously made the headlines for the reasons behind his opening of his laksa stall, 88 Katong Laksa – he is suffering from Stage 4 cancer and opened the stall so that his wife can earn money when he passes away.

And it seems the outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming to say the least, as according to the owner of the stall, a customer had anonymously made a donation and sponsored 40 bowls of laksa for the seniors.

The stall will be hosting a giveaway event later today (17 March) from 2pm to 5pm, where they will be giving away complimentary bowls of laksa at the stall to seniors.

Here is what he said



One of my customers who is an Eurasian chose to be anonymous had sponsored 40 bowls of laksa for the Seniors.

As such, 88 Katong Laksa would be arranging an event on 17.3.23 (Friday) between 2.00pm to 5.00pm for a Complimentary bowl of laksa at the stall on a first come first basis.

Our deepest appreciation for the generosity of the Sponsor to make the event a success on that day.

All Seniors are invited to come.

Hope to see you all again.


Thank you.


88 Katong Laksa
Address:  79 Circuit Rd, #01-49, Singapore 370079
Date & Time: Friday (17 Mar), 2pm-5pm
Nearest MRT: Mattar Station

Opened stall so wife can have income when he passes

Facebook user Melvin Chew previously shared about the stall in a Facebook post last year:

“Few days ago i saw a post by Kristen Choong on a auntie hawker selling katong laksa at 79 Circuit Road hawker centre who need to work as a hawker because of her husband who has illness for years.

Today when I visit them and I chat with them for few hours. After chatting with uncle and auntie I really respect them, both of their mentality are so strong. I know uncle is sick but I didn’t expect it to be cancer 4th stage. When I heard it, I’m like lost of words and dunno how to say but uncle tell me he is strong willed and he will live to his fullest everyday. By setting up this hawker stall is because in future auntie will have a business for herself, at least she will have earn a living.

I encountered alot hawkers, help quite a number of them too. This story just made me wanna carry on and help more hawkers! As much as I can. Uncle story touch me, auntie love for uncle touch me. Sincerely hope members can support them.

The laksa which I tried is good, not just because I wanna help them and I say it’s good. For me by having this standard is already very good. The laksa paste are done by themselves and fresh sea hum, what more can we ask for on a good laksa. I will be back for more. Eat more laksa and more lim kopi with uncle.

God bless kind soul, God bless uncle

Thank you friends for supporting uncle

Please share and hopefully more friends will support uncle and auntie


88 Katong Laksa

Blk 79, Circuit Road Hawker Center #01-49 ( 370079 )

( The Long shape Hawker Centre )

Tuesday to Sunday 8am to 8pm

Closed on every Monday.”

@hawkers_united_melvin I encountered and help alot hawkers, this 4th stage cancer hawker is the 1 which I wanna help most. 🙏 #tiktokfood #tiktoksingapore #hawkerfood #ourhawkerculture #melvinchew #championhawker #hawker #food #sgtiktok #88katonglaksa #laksa #cherisheverymoment #tiktokmalaysia #foodtiktok ♬ original sound – Melvin Chew
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