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A Singaporean female medical undergrad recently posted her negative experience on Facebook after going on a date with a guy who flaunted his daddy’s bungalow and Lamborghini.


The guy even stated how her family was poor because they were hawkers.

Here is the full story:

Last week a guy i was on a date(set up by my friend) he mocked my family .

He first when on a rant or long explanation or story to put it

He told me he was form Jc(a top one at that)


Then he went on about how he wants to save $1M by age 30 he’s like 27M and working in a bank . I on the other had am just 22F

He then explained how his father is so and so and has a PhD and how he lives in one of those huge ass bungolws I think he used the term GBB or GCB

So then I asked him oh what’s that ,he then replied its just a big bungalow ,you don’t know ah? Its quite a high ses thing, not many know

He even treated the waiter badly asking him to ‘come here’ ,no pls no tq or anything.

He then asked what my parents do ,I said oh they are hawkers…


His face changed he asked so you are doing this degree(medicine) to get out of poverty huh .?

I said no I am not i genuinely want to help people out , why do you think that? I said softy holding in my disgust

He said well you’re from poly and your family probably doesn’t earn much…and must be not so educated so that’s why you want to become a doctor?

Softy, again I said,no I don’t think you can stereotype that way

You must be a minority of med students who want to help..thats good he said .

Yeah, I said

Halfway he asked if he can send me home ,I told him no need (I wanted the date to end asap)

He said well I have a lamborghini you know

No thanks ,I’ll take train can liao

But I bet you haven’t been in one cause your poor he said loudly.


This pissed me off,

I told him ,why you no money buy your own car is it its clearly your dad’s car!

Do you think a small ass car will impress me?

Why must I go with you ?

Why did you assume i am poor? You think so so big ah?

He then replied

i probably can buy your parents hawker stall.

You poor girl, you’re just a gold digging bi**h

You think you are my standard?

I then replied


Stalls !! my family owns a few hakwer stalls

Don’t ever judge again you disgusting son of a boofon, idk how that slipped out but I was indeed pissed.

I slaped him and walked off ,leaving $30 to the cahsier for my order

Can’t believe that there are guys like this…

Seriously wtf sia ,why do some guys drive daddys car and say its theirs and think that their parents wealth is their’s???

Ps. My mom graduated from a top culinary school, my dad is also a uni gardaute

And please don’t look down at hawkers, having worked at my parents stall ,I’ve seen uncles who are primary 3 dropouts who earn millions and yet they are humble and give out food to needy on weekends, and they take in like $5000 a day ,selling drinks only….

So damm pissed, I don’t think I will be dating for a while .

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