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Facebook user Benjamin Invidia Cheng, shared how he had pre-ordered the new iPhone 14 Pro from Starhub and chose silver.


However, “to his horror,” he later received a confirmation email that he selected colour was space black, and when he contacted their customer service, they all gave the same reply.

He said that Starhub gave him an option of cancelling his pre-order and wait 4-6 weeks for the refund to finish processing.

Here is what he said

To everybody that managed to preorder iPhone 14 successfully from StarHub, please check the confirmation email to ensure you have the correct colour. The confirmation email states a different colour selected from checkout and there’s a few others that encountered the same issue as me.

During iPhone 14 pro’s launch, when placing my order I selected and checked out silver(doubled checked). Didn’t suspect anything admiss until I chanced upon some complaints on their Facebook post stating their colours were changed in the confirmation email.


So when I checked my email, to my horror it shows that the colour I have preordered (like the rest)is space black.

I called customer service and contacted their Facebook support- all gave the same replies(even used a template reply and stated that I have selected deep purple when it’s silver), they said nothing can be done once we locked in our colours. In the first place the colour we selected is different from the confirmation email.

They gave me an option of cancelling and the refund process will take 4-6 weeks. Now that the preorder is already closed for StarHub, there is no way I can re-order a silver and get it on 16 September. I don’t see how their stores can still have all colours available on launch day and they can’t simply just honor the correct colour that we have selected upon check out.

Playing merry go round now with all the customer service officers. None able to rectify the issue. They all gave the same replies, “once order placed, cannot be changed.” “Waiting for revelant team to get back to us” “Only way is to cancel and re-order the selected colour which you can’t as the preorder is now closed.”

Like hello? Your system glitched with many others experienced same issue. Instead of stepping up and fixing the issue you guys keep giving the same template replies. We are forced to accept the colour. Not everyone has an extra 1.3k lying around to make an extra order, when all u guys can do is maybe just reserve the correct colour in store and we go down to pick it up. It’s really unethical that because of a system glitch, customers are forced to accept another colour for the iPhone 14.


They even ask me to provide screenshot that I selected the silver colour upon check out. It was through a Facebook external mobile browser from a link that I clicked through their page. Who would have expected that a reputable company like StarHub, would have monkeys as their engineers, causing the website to glitch and send customers a different colour than the one that was selected? I had my trust in them that the colour would be correct and somehow colour changed to space black in the confirmation email.

I’m not even goanna start on how long it took me to even preorder from them with multiple crashes. And their website unable to handle the volume of customers. All I want is the correct colour that I have selected and paid for. Please advice what I can do against this company that uses this kind of means and ways to force customers into accepting something they didn’t choose for.

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