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Man Recruits Courier on FB to Smuggle “Energy-Boosting Candies” from M’sia to S’pore

A shocking post on a Facebook group, “New Woodlands Checkpoint Traffic Information Station”, has raised eyebrows among netizens. A man is seeking a daily courier to transport two types of “energy-boosting candies” from Malaysia into Singapore, promising a lucrative reward of SGD 30-40 per trip.


According to ZaoBao, The individual, who claims to be the employer, emphasized that the candies are health supplements, not drugs, and even offered to let the courier inspect the goods upon delivery. When contacted by a reporter from Shin Min Daily News, the man explained that he had previously relied on a Malaysian friend working in Singapore to transport the candies for him, but the friend had recently quit, prompting him to seek alternative arrangements.

The candies in question, “Candy B+ Complex” and “Hamer Candy”, are produced in Malaysia and contain ginseng, a controlled substance in Singapore. The man instructed the potential courier to remove the packaging and repackage the candies in a different bag, making it easier to transport them into Singapore without arousing suspicion.

When asked why the courier had to use a motorcycle and transport only a limited quantity each day, the man revealed that the candies contain ginseng, which would trigger inspections if carried in large quantities on public buses. He suggested that if the courier needed to take a bus, they should not carry too many candies to avoid detection.

The man’s advice was to use a motorcycle or private car instead, highlighting the brazen nature of this illegal operation. The incident has sparked concerns about the ease with which prohibited substances can be smuggled into Singapore, and the authorities’ ability to detect and prevent such activities.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the public in combating illegal activities. It is crucial that individuals do not engage in such risky and illegal endeavors, and instead report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

Here is what HSA previously reported on the candies

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Top image via HSA.

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