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A man shared his sob story online and hope to get some sympathy after losing money doing some trading in the stock and forex market but was bashed by netizens almost immediately.

He stated that he was trading the AMC and GME stocks and it sounds that he has zero knowledge on the stock market.

Here is what he posted on FB:

I lost $8982 from trading stocks and forex and now my account balance is less than $1,000. Most of my losses from AMC stock and GME stock.

I regretted going to a pub and getting to know this girl, I think she works there to entertain customers. We began the usual bs and we started talking about people making money.

Some people make money online doing E-commerce while some trade stocks and forex online, She showed me her account on her mobile phone and she yielded over 300% of her investments in less than a month.

I asked her to teach me and she told me how to sign up a trading account, I began trading similar currencies and shares like the amc stock and GME stocks as her but within 3 weeks my money was almost gone.

She said that she is innocent and there is always risk in trading stocks and forex. She says I should not just follow, I should analyse bla bla blah. I don’t understand.

Then I told her that she sabotage me in losing stock and forex. She told me again that it’s not her fault. I called her and she block me.

How ah? Anyone can advise me.

Here is what netizens said:

Netizen A:Eh, hello brother your brain got a problem? If she is trading expert you think she still works in pub? U use which brain to think the one above or the one below?”

Netizen B:u call her for what? U lost money in the stock market and I already check for u, your trading account is legit and it’s not a scam. You’re a man u lose then lose, u spam call the girl to give grievances for what? you not paisei(embarrass) I paisei.

Netizen C: “amc stock, tesla stock, GME stock or whatever stock you playing there is always a risk when playing stocks. “

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