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A man shared his confession stories online about he is driving Grab as an extra income so he can feed his mistress who is in Malaysia.


He stated that he is starting to feel guilty as he can provide better for his children and his wife but he said that he is in “too deep”.

Here is the story:

I am lost and stuck in a limbo, and I know the things I did is not something I should proud off and I am seeking advice as a wrong step can result in a broken family.

I currently have a full-time job and I am driving Grab in the evening to earn extra income.

I started working in a company 3 years ago and eventually get to know this girl who is Malaysian. Although she knew that I was married she still flirts with me and it was very obvious that she was interested in me.


Things started to heat up and from lunching together it turned into dinners and something a bit more and we both started to have feelings for one another.

Although I know it is wrong and it is too late to stop. There is a reason why I can’t. I am getting threatened.

She left the job about 6 months ago, she quit without any job offers and told me to help her for a few months by giving her some money. She asked for only $1,000 a month and I thought it was reasonable to help her with her rental and some basic necessities.

So I started doing a bit of regular Grab and Grab hitch in the morning.

However, after 3 months I told her that I could have trouble supporting her as it has been ongoing for 3 months. She said that she have to return to Malaysia to take care of her mom and I thought it would end and I don’t have to give her anymore money.


But I was so wrong

She now wanted more, she wanted $2,000 a month and I refused her. As I am not rich and only making around $4,000 after CPF contribution. She then told me to find the money for her or she will expose our affair to my wife.

I was scared as I have 2 kids and we are not very well off and I don’t want it to lead to a divorce that will not only break my heart but our children’s hearts. I know a lot of you would tell me “to think about that before I commit adultery” YES I know, but what has happened! has happened! I am here to find some answers and not get judged as I am already guilty as hell.

Instead of just driving a few hours a day of Grab, I am driving till way past midnight so I can support the girl who wants $2,000 a month and my wife has been asking why am I getting myself so tired by driving Grab in the evening instead of coming home to play with the kids.

I am running out of reasons and my wife has been asking where the earnings from Grab are going.

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