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Beware of the nail salon in this shop.


I went in for classic gel mani & pedi

The pedi was ok, which I did not complain at all from the start and paid for the service for pedi at $48 + gel removal $20 = $68 in total for my legs.

Before the nail tech started any doing anything to my nails she did take my hand to see my extension, and she did not said anything just inform me that removal of extension is $20 gel removal for leg is also another $20 I said ok.

After pedicure leg was done coming to manicure for my hand where I had my previous set of nails extension (few fingers still have extension only before entering this nail salon).


She don’t have any professional tools for my nails extension removal. But she used a pieces of acrylic fake nails to PLUCK out my extension where I felt abit pain and unprofessional. I never encounter this before in my whole life of extensions removal.

By plucking out my extension it hurts my natural nails badly. The nail tech said if is pain let her know, whenever she tried to pluck out my extension I felt pain numerous time and told her then she stop. But my question is, why am I paying for a service that makes me in pain. Why must I tolerate the pain due to her unprofessional behaviour.

I asked her, why don’t you have the professional tools or professional procedure of removing my extension and if you do not have the tools shouldn’t you inform the customer and not accepting our service.

She said, I never asked her if she have those tools

I mean I couldn’t be walking into a hair salon asking if there is scissors… right? Same thing here, how would I even know a nail salon don’t have a professional tools and method removing extension.

If she pluck my extension out like this… I can also do it myself at home with no fee lol I did not did that becuase I afraid my natural nails will came off… but end up this nail tech just pluck it out using a small fake nails a pair of scissors and a nail clipper.


After plenty of tolerating the pain, my mum came to check on me as the nail tech took 1pm-5pm for a classic gel mani pedi… I then told my mum that the nail tech does not have professional tools etc for removal and she pluck it out making my felt pain, the nail tech heard and said that she did not pluck when she did. I then start shouting at her for not admitting own mistake .

She even said that my extension is stick to my natural nails a lot I then shout and told her not to push blame to my previous nail tech a glue is suppose to be sticky otherwise how to stick is she doesn’t know the way of removing 

Any nail tech out there can tell me is it correct to use a fake nails to pluck my extension out?

Is it correct?

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