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My gf wants me back now that I well to do!



I was fresh out of the army still working part time while looking for a full time job and i had this gf for 4 years. She was my everything I gave her all; my love, trust, understanding, patience. But I guess that wasn’t enough throughout the relationship she keep comparing me to the more well to do friends boyfriend. Tell me how they would always fly overseas for their anniversary , the expensive bags and restaurants they would dine in. Even though she always complained, I still think that she still love me.

All of a sudden she because colder to me and reply my text to her longer than she would usually take and she would some time be smiling to her phone while hanging out with me. I knew something was fishy but i was hoping that I wrong.

Then came one day everything explode she wanted to break up and i ask her but she say she have no more “feels” for me. I told her after all this years? I couldn’t accept the fact when she left walk out the door, I was in tears broken down. i look down the windows to see a guy in bmw fetching her.

From that day onwards, I knew I cannot stay poor anymore. My pain was my motivation. I would work day and night. I often skipped my meals. 5 years later, my business took off and I made quite a bit from stock market. Throughout the years a relationship didn’t cross my mind at all because I couldn’t get over the hurt.

Out of the blue, my ex gf text me telling me how much she missed and hope that all this years she still can’t get over me. I knew it was bullshit and I ignored her msg she even came to my workplace to look for me. I just wrote her cheque and ask her to get out of my face!