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My neighbour daughter gets treated badly she didn’t make it JC!!



It sickens me how result oriented parents can be. The family living two units beside me has 2 children. Ever since primary 1, they have been hiring tuition for the 2 kids. Is not like the once a week tuition that most of us used to have when we were younger but those kind of intensive 4days/week 3hours each session tuition. However, their efforts did not pay off.

Both of the kids got into very average neighbourhood secondary school (cut off point:~200). I understand that after investing so much in them they expect better performance. The day when psle results were released, their father stood outside the door lecturing them for 1hr or so.
Fast forwarding to o level results release, the daughter did not do well again but the son got into a Jc. naturally they are proud of him but the way they show favoritism is really sickening. Every time (and I really mean every single time) They will both put their arm around their son’s shoulders when going out, living the poor daughter walking alone behind.

(This affection completely did not exist throughout his whole secondary school life) Lately they have completely dumped her at home and only go out to with the son. even if the daughter does not excel academically doesn’t mean that they should act like she doesn’t belong in their family. After all they chose to give birth to her and they should accept the fact that she is different from their son.