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A guy shared with us a story of an eerie encounter which he encountered while doing the dreaded guard duty on a weekend night during the time when he was still serving the nation as an NSF in the SAF.


He did not specify which camp was it in his story but he says that this story is quite popular and generations of Singapore men who have been before him might have had the same encounter before.

Here is the story

“Okay so I served my NSF days back in the early 2010s and this was something which I had encountered while I was doing guard duty at this particular camp.

I am a regular at doing guard duties because my CSM likes to give out extras freely for the stupidest reasons and I was always targeted due to my habit of talking back to all these dumb enciks who will not have a future outside of the Army.

I always like to be a prowler when I do guard duty, as I do not like to stay near the guard house where everyone can watch what I do.


For those that do not know what a prowler is, it is basically the guy who walks around the camp on a certain route to keep watch on the surroundings in case of any unwanted intruders or happenings around the camp.

One day, I was prowling the usual route that I always prowl and I came across this canteen which was said to be haunted.

The thing about this canteen that come a certain time of the evening, the cookhouse personnel on duty will always on a recording of a Buddhist chanting sutra before leaving the place.

We have always wondered why but was only told that this place was not exactly ‘clean’ and if the recording of the sutra is not switched on every evening, you will hear something else when you walk into the canteen.

We are not able to avoid the canteen as well as it is one of the checkpoints that we as prowlers are supposed to cover.


Out of curiosity of what could be heard in place of the recording of the sutra, my buddy and I decided to go and switch it off while we were on duty that particular night.

What we heard after that was the eeriest thing I have ever heard in our lives.

The moment we switched the recording off, we could hear a the voice of a lady silently weeping and it sent chills down our spines.

As we hurriedly tried to leave as we were afraid, the sound of the weeping got louder and louder until it turned into a hysterical laughter of evil.

We shook in fear and started praying and apologising and switched the sutra recording back on in a hurry and surprisingly, after the recording continued playing, the laughter and all the weeping sound went away.

After that incident, I tried my very best to be on my best behaviour in camp as I did not want to do guard duty ever again and even when I was on assigned duty, I tried to stay away from being the prowler.”

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