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NS is not honourable, it’s an exploitation


To all NSFs, regardless of rank, vocation or PES statuses:

I believe that NS is forced upon most of us, with the herd mentality that it is our responsibility to fight and defend our own country. People think that NS is acceptable, and that there is no other way around it.

The vast majority of us have to spend 2 years in an inefficient organisation, forced to work long hours and expected to uphold professionalism, yet being paid peanuts and ill-treated by some. It is really fked up that some people think this is honourable, that your son might possibly be dealing with selfish, incompetent superiors who only care about their own career progressions, or even more f-up ones who just like to play rank.

While some of us may have more positive experiences with NS, it does not defeat the fact that 2 years of your freedom was taken away from you.


Though in the view of collectivists, such sacrifices are necessary as they contribute to national defence, and that we should place the safety of our homeland before ourselves. But is it wrong to be selfish and place yourself over defending the nation? Should we be given a ‘No’ option to conscription?

Though it may not be a popular belief, but I feel that using the concept of glory/honour/collectism/moral values to force an individual to submit himself/herself to do something more than what they’re compensated for, is called exploitation.

Why must I do something outside of my job scope, my comfort zone, or my payscale just to benefit the majority? Unless you are a really righteous and noble kind of a person, else there is completely no point as to do things that do not benefit yourself.

Teachers, nurses and social workers for example are overworked professions that do not receive a proportional pay grade. Being forced to deal with long hours of shift and stress, can cause damage to both the mind and the body. Stop baiting individuals from taking up these professions with moral education. Instead, allocate more resources and compensation in exchange for the stress and hours of work they are made to deal with. Instead of using moral education to seal the pay gap.

Likewise, while national service cannot be measured in dollars and cents, it does not justify the fact that we’re paid close to 1/3 of a part time starting pay.


Also, push out more policies to protect our welfare. Why should order-in and nights out be a privilege, rather than an entitlement? Why must I eat at cookhouse if I am willing to pay for canteen food? Why am I paying the government for transportation, if I am travelling to serve my nation? Why must I do a regular’s work when I’m paid maybe 1/5 of him/her?

Though it is easier said than done, but please give all NSFs a proper, justified treatment. It is not unreasonable, but rather be fair to at least compensate us for the service we provide to the nation.

Netizens’ comments

  1. Eh just shut the f up and finish your NS lah, you are not the only one who has to serve, just diam diam finish it and move on with life, no need to kpkb so much.
  2. Hi OP, I understand your frustration. Im like you.
    Im now a NSMan. With 7 more reservists and just turned 31 this year unmarried, its really a waste of time.
    Im a cleaner and frankly speaking, no one cares about your NS in the CV world.
    You just do the bare minimum and just listen to your commanders. Don’t give attitude to them. Just serve and f off.
    Also, the world is really really competitive due to SG influx of foreign talents.
    The older you are, the less likely you be employed at your preferred profession because having reservist too is an obstacle to own career profession.
    NSF should be paid minimum 1-2k. Because basic needs such as transport fee and food risen higher due to GST, inflation.
    Then you’ve to think about your future, how about your marriage, whether you want to have children, aging parents. All of these cost money.
    In order to have money, you need time to earn. But with 2 years gone in the wind, you’ve to double up your effort to earn more by even work on weekends immediately after ORD besides full-time studying. Don’t wait, trust me.
  3. Unpopular opinion : we need NS. Please don’t assume our neighbours are friendly.
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