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Teckwee Ng Facebook

Facebook user Teckwee Ng who was working as a private hire driver recently posted on Facebook after a he picked up a PRC man who was with her mistress and the PRC man stated that “All of you whose profession are drivers/chauffeurs are beggars. All of you are animals/bastards.” He also asked him which company was he from and he stated that he would make his company bankrupt.

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Here is the full story.

Hi all, I am a 28y/o full-time private-hire driver for around 1.5 years till date and have been working the midnight shift. I have met my fair share of ridiculous people but nothing as noteworthy as this.

On 28 March 2021 (Saturday) at 12.19am, I picked up a 20+ year old Chinese female passenger, 小姗 (Xiao Shan – nickname to protect her anonymity) at Park Royal Collection Marina Bay and was heading to 485 Dunman Rd, Dunman Regency. Payment method was by CASH.

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Xiao Shan was like every other passenger, quiet and nice throughout the ride. Upon reaching 485 Dunman Road, Xiao Shan called someone and asked where he was (typical case of someone else coming to pay the fare on behalf). 老牛 (Old Cow – nickname I gave him as I don’t know his name. He is also the antagonist of this story) was standing by the road in front of 487 Dunman Road. So I drove towards him and he walked towards my car and opened the back passenger seat where Xiao Shan was seated.


Old Cow opened my car door and told Xiao Shan to “坐进去一点 (shift in to make some space for me to sit)”.

Upon coming onto my car, I told him “Hello, 如果你要去别的地方的话,你需要从新叫车因为我已经接下一个单了 (If you need to go to another location, you’ll have to rebook the grab as I have already accepted my next booking)”.

To which he ignored my comment and said: “直走 (Go Straight)” and continues talking to Xiao Shan.

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So I complied (to a small extent) thinking that maybe he is lazy to walk the few meters towards the traffic light or something. I drove around 30 meters towards the traffic light and stopped 10 meters away from the traffic light so as to not make an illegal drop off.

Old Cow:


“前面转左 (Turn left)”.


“你要去别的地方请你rebook. 我下一个乘客在等我了 (Please rebook if you want to go to another destination. My next passenger is waiting for me).”


“十七块三,谢谢 ($17.30, Thanks).”

Old Cow pulls out a small stack of $50s and $100s (I think he is trying to show that he is rich to me but its only like $400-$500?) and “present” it to me. So I took a $50 note and proceed to dig out $32.70 to give him, thinking that this guy can finally get off my car.

However, upon trying to pass the change to him, he rejected the change and went full on berserk mode, screaming and pointing his index finger at my face from the back passenger seat: “去你妈的壁 (a china slang for: Fk your mother’s cunt)”.

Old Cow:

“去你妈的壁 (Fk your mother’s cunt)” x10

<Yup, he went full on berserk mode and kept cursing over and over again, 10 times isn’t an exaggeration>



“Oi, 你要骂人就骂人,骂人家的妈干嘛 (Oi, you want scold people you scold people, scold people mother for what?)”

Old Cow:

“叫你直走你就直走,还给我讲那么多 (When I tell you to go straight it means go straight, why are you arguing so much?)”

我不要在我家前面下车,万一给我四个儿子看到我这个时间跟一个女生在一起对女生不好 (I don’t want to get off in front of my house, what if four of my sons sees me with a girl at this hour, it isn’t good for the girl)”.

May be an image of road, sky, street and text that says "2021-03-28 00:32:13 14.2V 000KMH MARBELL A KR8S"

(Yup, no typo. He said it wasn’t good for the girl to be seen by his family.)


“你知道这个app 是这么样的吗? 你的dropoff 放这里就是这里, 我又不是跑meter 的德士, 可以随便给你换地方 (Do you know how this app work? If you set your drop off point here it means drop off here. I’m not driving a metered taxi where we can let you change your location on the go).

“我们驾车的也是人,干嘛随随便便骂人家妈妈?(We drivers are humans too, why happy happy scold people mother?)”

Old Cow:


“你们这些做司机的都是乞丐,你们都是畜生 (All of you whose profession are drivers/chauffeurs are beggars. All of you are animals/bastards)”.

“顾客就是王, 我们说的算 (Customers are king, you have to listen to whatever we command).”

Me: “………….”

Old Cow:

“你是哪一家公司的?要不要我给你公司破产? (Which company are you from? Do you want me to make your company go bankrupt?)”

Me: (Laughs) “你要给我公司(Grab) 破产? 你要就去lor. (You want to bankrupt my company (Grab)? Go ahead if you want lor).”

Old Cow: “你不相信啊?不相信就试试看 ( Don’t believe I’ll do it? Don’t believe you try).”


“你是哪一个年代的?跟新一下可以吗?(What era are you from? Update yourself can or not?)”

( ^ It was meant to be sarcastic.)


Old Cow:

“我是六十年代的,我的儿子大概跟你一样年龄 (I’m from the 60s, my sons are around your age).”


“所以你要下车了吗? (So are you going to get off my car?)”

Old Cow:

“不要。我今天就是要找你麻烦。我们去警察局,我的儿子是做长官的,我要让他们扣留你。(No. I want to find trouble with you. Let’s go to the police station. My son is an Inspector, I want to let the police detain you).”

(At this point I was thinking of dragging him out of my car using force already)

Me to Xiao Shan (Speaking politely as she wasn’t rude to begin with and was constantly telling Old Cow to forget it): “找钱你拿先, 拿了先下车 (Take the change first, alight from my car after taking).”

Old Cow to Xiao Shan (in a mean and imposing way): “别拿,你敢拿我就打断你的手,你下车我就打断你的腿 (Don’t your dare take it, if you dare take the change I’ll break your arms and if you alight from the car I’ll break your leg).”

(Me: Alights from car and open his door)

Old Cow: “你以为我是中国人而不是新加坡人啊?我今年六十岁,我拿我新加坡身份证给你看。(You think I’m from China and not a Singaporean? I’m 60 years old this year, let me show you my Singapore IC).”

May be an image of street and road

(He is speaking in a china accent by the way if you didn’t realise, and at no point of the argument did I ever play the nationality card. No sugar-coated words from my side. I think he is trying to prove to me his age so I wouldn’t use force to drag an “old man” out. He probably is also suffering from an inferior complexity from the way he is telling me that he is the same as me, a Singaporean, instead of a china-man, which I have no idea why he would do that out of the blue.)

Me: “我又没有说你不是新加坡人,中国人又怎样?我奶奶也是中国来的。(I didn’t even mention anything about you not being a Singaporean, and what’s wrong with people from China? My Grandmother came from China as well.)”

“我问你多一次,你要不要下车的? (I’ll ask you one last time, do you want to get off the car?)”

Old Cow: “你还没找我钱 (you have not given me my change).”

(I don’t know why but he randomly decide that he wants to leave already)

(I opened my front passenger seat to pass him $34 as I just want him out of my sight as soon as possible. He told me he don’t want my chump change so I took back the $2 and gave him 70 cents and HE TOLD ME I SHOULD GIVE HIM 30 CENTS. If you’re bad at math just shut up and don’t embarrass yourself any further. *Facepalms*)

(After they got off my car)

Me: “你下一次跟人家吵架归吵架,不要骂人家的妈。如果你儿子跟人家吵架然后人家骂你儿子的妈你会爽吗?(Next time when you quarrel with people, don’t scold people mother. If your sons got into a dispute with others and they scold his mother, will you be happy?)”

Old Cow: (Arrogantly) “他们敢吗?(They dare or not?)”

(Idk why is he so delusional. Maybe he watches too much China produced skits on Facebook or reads too much China billionaire fantasy novels and thinks he is the 董事长/三少爷 protagonist?)

Me: “为什麽会不敢? 算了,跟你说也是白说。你这样的人不管你再有钱也买不到Class。(Why won’t they dare? Nevermind, it’s useless to talk to you. No matter how rich you are, people like you can never buy Class.)”


I ended work after this incident even though it was a Saturday night (best sales day for the week) as I think I’m too pissed to drive safely.

Apologies and thanks again to my supposed to be next passenger (Pick up at Old Airport Road, Jalan Tiga > 1st Drop off Tampines > 2nd Drop off Toa Payoh, $37 Fare) for being so understanding when I called him to inform him that I’ll have to cancel him as I cant pick him up due to a dispute to which he told me not to worry about it and cancelled it from his side to save me my cancellation rate.


Sorry for the long post. Posting this 2 weeks after as I’m still hella pissed and also because I have better things to do. (It’s the longest “essay” I’ve every written by the way.)

Please do not do anything to harass him or his family members.


I do, however wish that if any of his sons sees this post, feel free to get his uncensored photos from me to confirm if Old Cow is your father first before going back to question him on why is he sneakily meeting someone (Xiao Shan) even younger than us past midnight.

Didn’t take a video of the incident due to the no in car recording of passenger law but I realised after that I should’ve done that as HE ISN’T EVEN MY PASSENGER. Please change this stupid law this law is removing the deterring factor for uncivilised behaviour towards PHV/Taxi drivers.

What would you guys would have done in a situation like this?

P.S. Some might say this is a one sided/biased story but I’ve tried my best to include every detail I can remember. 我问心无愧 (I have a clear conscience)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/thatsteckwee/posts/10157724447265248

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