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A man who drinks quite often shares his story of the people he meets and stated that one particular PRC woman always harasses him.


The girl will text and call him day and night to drink, even after blocking her on Whatsapp she uses a different number to contact him.

Here is the story:

I drink very often and sometimes the places I go will have hostesses working there. For me I don’t really care if there are any women, I just want to meet my friends.

Be it a coffee shop or pub.

So I was drinking at Macpherson mall last week and they have quite a number of girls from different countries. While I was chatting with my friend one of them approached and asked if they can have a drink.


My friend quickly said yes but I knew what was coming next, It will either be Lady’s Drink or Flowers. This kind of typical joint.

So the girl started chatting and I was being polite and kind of entertaining the lady, Just when we were about to go have to supper the lady ask for my number and I did not think much of it and gave it to her.

The next day she started to text me and asked If I can go down to the pub and drink again. I told her no, as I do not want to go out unless I’m meeting my friends, I rather drink at the coffee shop downstairs my block and relax.

This goes on and on, she texts me daily and I was a bit annoyed and I block her on Whatsapp. Soon after she switched to another telephone line and started calling me.

I blocked her again, she used my phone number to add me on Wechat and started sending crazy messages saying that she loves me and it was love at first sight.


Obviously, I did not accept the Wechat friend request.

Finally, she used the third number and I told her that we only met once and we were just drinking and not out there finding girlfriends.

She accused me of cheating on her, I was like WT?!

I warned her that I will call the Police soon as I know that she is secretly working in the pub without a valid permit. I knew that she has a day job and she is secretly working part-time in the pub for extra income.

“All work pass holders must only work for their designated employer. They must not take on additional jobs or engage in activities to earn additional income”

Quoted from MOM, I send it to her telling her to buzz off or I will make the calls.

She disappeared soon after and stopped contacting me.

Xuay xuay after 1 month, I go Geylang eat supper with my friends bump into her. She approached me and said she is sorry asking if we can be friends.

I told her to go fly kite and left the place with my friends.

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